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Warp: the reluctant assassin

No description

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Warp: the reluctant assassin

Warp: the reluctant assassin
Questions to consider
What is the theme of this book?

The theme of this book is to be brave. Because Even though Garrick was chasing after Riley and Chevie they continued to be brave

Why did you choose to read this book?

I chose to read this book because I saw it was a new book by Eoin Colfer and the cover looked interesting
I recommend this book to guys who likes a book about time travel and murderous assassins
Riley- protagonist- an orphan teenager from the 1800s
Chevron Savano- an FBI agent from the present world
Albert Garrick- Antagonist- an assassin and illusionist from the 1800s
Auto Malarky- leader of the Battering Rams which is his gang name from the 1800s
Summary of the book
Riley is a teenage orphan boy from the 18th century who has had the misfortune of being apprenticed by an assassin/ illusionist, Albert Garrick. The time has come for Riley to complete his first task. Which is something all assassin apprentices must eventually have to do. Assassinate someone. Riley is relieved from having to do this dirty task when the chosen prey ends up being a scientist from the futer. Riley is transported(by wormhole) to present day London Where he meets 17 year old FBI agent Chevron Sevanno Who has an interesting past. Riley thinks he may have finnaly escaped from Albert Garrick but Albert somehow finds out his own way to get to the future by. During his trip through the wormhole he is mentally altered and aquires all of the scientists knowledge of the futer. With this knowledge, Garrick plans to steal his apprentice and with a time key ( a key that allows you to go to the past or futer) go to the past and literally change the world. But the only problem is that Chevron Sevanno owns the only time key in the modern world.
Why this book was interesting
Something I found interesting about this book is that one of the characters named Auto Malarkey is in the book Airman.
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