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Crime Victim Self-Advocacy Tool

No description

Joshua Thurmond

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Crime Victim Self-Advocacy Tool

New Perspective on an Old Problem
Criminal Justice System?
How do victims react to a crime...really?
Millions of
Unreported Crimes ?
Our Baseline
The Five Effects of Trauma
Can we connect more victims with:
Sexual assault response

Abuse mitigation and healthcare

Improved wellness
Can we connect more victims with:
Can we connect more victims with:
Can we connect more victims with:
Can we connect more victims with:
Emergency hotlines

Outreach services

The right mental health worker

A more timely response
Preventative education

Emergency funds

Asset recovery

Victim compensation
Peer counseling

Group therapy

Advocate groups

Reintegration of social networks
Clergy leaders

Prayer groups

Fellowship meetings

Spiritual goals
Can we do all of this
victims asking for it?
Trauma and the Brain
Can’t find the words to express your thoughts?
-Prefrontal lobe (responsible for language) can be adversely affected by trauma.
Can’t regulate your emotions?
-An enlarged amygdala makes it near impossible.
Having problem with short-term memory loss?
-The hippocampus (responsible for memory and experience assimilation) may shrink in PTSD.
Always feeling frightened no matter what you do?
-Medial prefrontal cortex (responsible for regulating fear) has been damaged.
Self-Advocacy Tool
Let's empower traumatized victims to make personalized, informed choices.
What are the keys to self-advocacy?
Framing the problem

Opinions from non-experts

Opinions with agendas and self-interest

Jokes and ridicule

Self-blaming explanations

Confusing, off-topic answers
This one looks promising...
Here is a good start.
VA 101- Letting the victim know it is not their fault and their feelings are justified.
But this still needs more...
Break the problem down/ gaining key knowledge
This was somewhat helpful but what if...
...it looked like this:
Results from experts. In this case, this result is going to make sure the environment is safe.

Do you need to check the house? Is someone still there?
What are the logical next steps?

Remember the hippocampus!
(if you can)
Understanding the next steps/
setting a goal
Now that we have solid results, let's pick one!
Now we are getting somewhere.
Didn't get it just right?
More suggestions.
Let's make it even better.
Bread crumb to keep from getting lost.
"Ads" based on clicks and preferences.
Goal-setting area? My progression?
Measure Progress
Change in perspective:
Can we build a tool that "fills in the blanks" of the criminal justice system thus empowering the victim?
2 BIG questions!
And can we build a system that addresses the
Progress record keeping
and "mastery"
for Help!
That would be the first place I'd look.
Way to create and keep an account.
"Welcome back, Erin."
A place to log everything and take notes.
Add information to your Journal.
Paper-based Self-Advocacy Tool in the works.
Navigation for victims inside the system.
The software would work the same in or out of the criminal justice system.
Ideally, the book and the website would work hand in hand!
Project Requirements
Superb UI/UE
Super intuitive



Like a victim advocate or a psychologist mixed with an Italian grandmother!
Fantastic SEO
This website will be the keys to the castle for victims. It should be easy to find and access!
(Bring your own device)
Should work across all platforms and devices!
Apple and everyone else!
If Possible-- More SMS functionality
What are our options for texting?

Will it matter in 5 years?
Live Chat/ Online Hotline
Need to talk to a live person? Need help setting goals or understanding your options? Need help navigating the self-advocacy system?
Feedback Loop
Victim Forum
Rating system (Angie's List/Amazon style) for ads and services.
Visual Design
508 Compliance
Responsive Site
Is the site accomplishing its goals?
Meeting place for victims
Wordpress, Joomla, whatever.
Indented Results/ Expectations
Database/ API
Geographically relevant search results
Ability to find services close to home
Provide maps and directions
Online hotline by local service providers
Allows jurisdictions to populate
Programer/ Content Contributor Friendly
Easy to add info
Easy to reference
Easy to track changes and contributors
Super Flexible!
Increased reporting
Safe environment
Reporting on their terms
Service Provider Engagement
Create buy-in
Sense of unity between law enforcement and outreach
Empowered Survivors!
Seamless Service
Reduced revictimization
Ease of access
Trust in "the system"
Alternatives to vigilante justice
Meet the modern survivor...
She has access to a computer.
She has access to a cell phone.
She knows how to use search engines like Google or Bing.
She goes online to find some help...
I got beat up
The results send her to hundreds of websites with thousands of choices.
Which site is right?
What should I do?
No one cares.
I need help now.
None of these places do everything.
Should I talk to the police?
I can't think.
How do I sort this out?
We have built websites that make victims:
Sort through confusing resource directories
Learn how to use websites for the first time
Sit through lengthy videos
Search multiple sites to get different services
Learn a new language
Read paragraph after paragraph
Deal with their victimization through our rules
Are we really taking into account the effects of trauma?
Based on top Search Engine Qualities...something we are all familiar with.
Utilize Existing Products
Google maps
Google Drive for Journaling
Google Translate
In two-three clicks we drilled down pretty deep.
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