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Tuckman’s team development model

No description

Shobhit Acharya

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Tuckman’s team development model

Tuckmans Team
Development Model 1 Introduction
2 Stages of Team building
3 Stage Overviews
4 Application of the Model
5 Video supporting the model Content First proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.
Phases are necessary & inevitable in order for the team to grow.
5th "ADJOURNING" phase added around 1975 Introduction Stages of Team Building Stage Overview: Forming This is usually comfortable stage to be in.
Conflicts , issues & feelings are generally avoided
Individuals gather information and impressions.
No trust, high learning
Unfamiliar with the group.
people are not comitted to the team Different Ideas Compete for consideration.
People want to modify the team's mission.
Trying new ideas
People Push For positions and power
The storming stage is necessary for the growth of the team
Clear Communication really helps at this stage. Stage Overveiw: Storming Stage Overveiw: Norming Appreciation and trust building
Puspose is Well defined
At this stage the team has one goal.
Some one give up their idea and agree with others in order to mak the team function
Big decisions are made by group aggreament.
Committment and Unity is strong. Stage Overview: Performing It is possible for some teams to reach the performing stage.
By this time the team is motivated
The team members are competent and able to handle the decision making preocess without supervision.
the team make most of the necessary decisions.
High trust in everyone. Thank You T- Together
E- Everyone
A- Achieve
M- More Example Of Team Work Ram Setu Example of Team Work Doctors operating patient
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