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After the Birds Taught Me to Fy

No description

Brie Jonna

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of After the Birds Taught Me to Fy

Community Impact
Using data collected from audience survey (169 survey respondents), audiences revealed:
After the Birds Taught Me to Fly
Audience Zip Codes
Audience Response
Audience members were asked to offer up their responses to several open-ended questions. Here are few responses:
The Big Takeaway
Of the survey respondents:
73% had visited the refuge less than 3 times prior to this experience. 52% were first time visitors
93% are likely to return to the Refuge
82% felt more connected to the Refuge. Of those people, 71% replied with an enthusiastic, "Yes, very much"
33% did not consider themselves regular art patrons
87% are likely to attend another arts event at the Refuge
41% were under 50
PlaceBase Mission and Goals
PlaceBase Productions
strives to reinvigorate the local landscape with new life and creative energy, while preserving the area's history, culture and traditions.

is to foster creativity, a sense of wonder and, above all, a sense of place by engaging local communities in their unique history and culture and promoting a deeper appreciation for the essential role of the arts in community life.

To reach and meaningfully impact and include the local community in the history, mission, and potential uses of the refuge
To attract a new and diverse audience to the Refuge
To raise awareness of the Refuge to a broader Minnesota audience
What is one thing you will take away from your experience here today?
How did you learn to fly OR what gives you wings?
How do you escape the noise of modern life?
How did this play make you feel about your relationship to the natural environment, the Refuge, or Bloomington's South Loop?
What are your favorite places in the Refuge?
Greater Minnesota and Out of State
Twin Cities Metro
Event Photos
(Photo Credit: Bruce Silcox)
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