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State Report

No description

Angel Gonzalez

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of State Report

State Report
How did the state get its name
The nick name of the state is the treasure state because it has a lot of minerals that are worth a lot . Montana got its name from a spanish word Montana that means mountain . It got its name for having a lot of mountains and valleys .
Historical facts
Physical Features of Montana
Whats great about Montana is that it is a very large state and it has lots of mountains to go snowboarding and in the plains of Montana is miles and miles of pure grass that stretches for miles and miles. The highest point in Montana is Granite Peak that is measured to be 12,799 feat above sea level and the lowest point in Montana is Kootiena river that is measured to be 1,820 above sea level
Location of the state
The state is in the central west of the united states its nearest states are Idaho , Wyoming , Washington , oregon, and north Dakota and south Dakota are its nearest neighbors .
Political Features of Montana
Montana has a lot of land its the fourth biggest state in united states and but surprisingly its population is only 1.5 million . Montana among the 50 sates its rank is 44 its not a lot for such a big state . The biggest cities in Montana are Billings , Missoula , Great Falls , Bozeman , and Butte are the 5 largest cities in Montana .
Political Features of Montana
Montana has is the fourth biggest state in America and has a population less than Rhode island its population number is 984,840 . In population rankings right now it is in 44th place its going to take a while to get to the top .
Montana has very interesting history on how it got its name and how the wars went on their . There was many wars in Montanas history in 1876 one of the most deadliest battles against the U.S versus the Native americans the war was called little big horn . The first explores were in the 1740s by Francois and Louis Joseph . The first settlers were 1889 they started building houses and other buildings like farms .
Montana Climate
The average temperature in the summer for Montana is in the high 88 and the low temperature in the summer is in the low 75 . In the winter for Montana is in the high the 30 and the lowest is in the 10s . The average rain fall all year is about 20 inches of rain each year . The yearly tempature in montana is in the 20s that pretty cold .
The current governor for Montana is Steve bullock . The two representatives of Montana right now are two congress men representing Montana .
Montanans attractions
Montana has lots of mountains that draw out many tourist to come and visit Montana . Montana most visited part of the country is Glacier National Park that has a handful glaciers there that we its got its name . The sport team that is in Montana is the beavers that are from Montana and play football for university
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