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Sports Trivia

No description

anna kobylansky

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Sports Trivia

Topic: Sports and Leisure Trivia challenge 1. Who won the MLB World Series in 1999? Where will the 2016 Olympics be held? a. Toronto Blue Jays c. Baltimore Orioles

b. New York Yankees d. Atlanta Braves b. New York Yankees Answer is: c. Rio de Janeiro The answer is: a. Hockey The Answer is: a. Madrid c. Rio de Janeiro

b. Tokyo d. Chicago The answer is: d. Chad Owens The answer is: b. Frederick Stanley (also know as Lord Stanley) What is the most popular sport in Canada? a. Hockey c. Lacrosse
b. Football d. Basketball Who won the MVP award 2012 in the CFL? a. Anthony Calvillo c. Henry Burris

b. Travis Lulay d. Chad Owens Who is the Stanley Cup named after? a. Stanley Baker c. Stanley Dance

b. Frederick Stanley d. Stanley Williams 111 Where is the largest outdoor ice rink? a. Japan c. U.S.A

b. Canada d. Sweden The answer is: b. Canada What is the highest paying sport? a. Hockey c. Football

b. Basketball d. Baseball The answer is: d. Baseball What is the most watched sport in the world? a. Soccer c. Football

b. Hockey d. Tennis The answer is: a. Soccer Where was Babe Ruth born? a. Ohio c. New York

b. Baltimore d. North Carolina The answer is: b. Baltimore Who invented volleyball? a. William Volley c. William G. Morgan

b. Andrew Johnston d. Andrew V. Smith The answer is: c. William G. Morgan a. James Naismith c. J.J Abrams

b. Wilt Chamberlain d. Micheal Jordan Who invented basketball? The answer is: a. James Naismith How many MLB players are from Dominican Republic? a. 120 c. 128

b. 125 d. 134 The answer is: c. 128 Jose Bautista is from Dominican Republic. The answer is: a. 42 What is the name of the movie that just came out about a famous baseball player? a. 42 c. The Jackie Robinson Story

b. Jackie Robinson d. 24 What teams did Jackie Robinson play on? a. L.A Dodgers c. Kansas City Royals

b. Brooklyn Dodgers d. All of the above The answer is: b. Brooklyn Dodgers What is the New Orleans Saints stadium called? a. New Orleans Saints Stadium c. Ford Stadium

b. New Orleans Superdome d. Mercedes-Benz Superdome The answer is: d. Mercedes-Benz Superdome The answer is: a. Baltimore Ravens & San Fransisco 49ers The answer is: b. Adam Scott What 2 teams in the NFL have coaches that are brothers? a. Baltimore Ravens & c. San Fransisco 49ers &
San Fransisco 49ers New York Jets

b. Baltimore Ravens & d. New York Jets &
New York Jets Seattle Seahawks John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh are brothers and faced off at this years Super Bowl. Who won the Masters this year? a. Tiger Woods c. Ian Poulter

b. Adam Scott d. Justin Rose The answer is: d. 45g How much does a golf ball weigh approximately? a. 50g c. 35g

c. 40g d. 45g THE END!!!!!!!!
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