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Transformation Art Project

No description

Samantha S.

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Transformation Art Project

Transformation Art Project
What is Translation?
Translation is the moving of an object without changing its size or direction.
Rules of Translation
Translation on Graphs
Every point has to move in the same direction and the same distance.
Translation Equation
(X+number,Y+number).This equation would be used when objects are not on a graph.
Terms in Translation
*Preimage--Look of object before transformation.
*Image--Look of object after transformation.
*Isometry--A transformation were the object stays the same from start to finish.
What is Reflection?
When a shape is flipped and faces the other direction staying the same shape and size.
Examples of Reflection
Flip this b and it becomes the letter d.Flip this p and it becomes the letter q.
Other names for Reflection
Flip or Mirrored.
Facts about Reflection
Can be going any direction that's opposite of the start.Doesn't change shape or size.Can't be completed in a double-sided mirror.
What is Rotation?
The turning of an object.Clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Center Rotation
An object can have 2 parts.Center rotation is were the center object is turned but not the outside object.
Examples of Rotation
Translation transformation video
Reflection transformation video
Rotation transformation video
http://m.youtube.com/watch?rotatiom v=QIidsuO7UDQ

reflection- a mirrored image
rotation-an object rotating around a center circle.
translation-the movement of the object with no change.

transformations occur in everyday life. It happens when you look in a mirror to when gears rotate in a machine.
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