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The Wedding: Project Management Case Analysis

No description

Jessica Robert Morris

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of The Wedding: Project Management Case Analysis

Assumptions for Planning the Wedding
Couple live in Austin, Texas
Place: Texas, outdoors, beach
Rehearsal dinner June 29th in the evening
Wedding ceremony at 1pm, reception following
Guest 150--family, friends, coworkers
Invitations: email, mail, text, facebook post, twitter, instagram, website
Parking--accessibility to not have to pay or use motor vehicle
The Wedding: Project Management Case Analysis
Budget Assumptions
Food will be supplied by Tony's restaurant--(average wedding plate is $60/person, would save $9,000) --Tony can make the cake and have catering discounted
Rehearsal dinner: Tony's parents
Wedding costs: basic needs such as dress, venue price, rings, decorations, will be covered by Tony and Peggy Sue
Transportation and Accommodations: Guest will cover own expenses
Honeymoon: Tickets given from Tony's mom, trip to Italy
Average 150 person Wedding
According to cost of wedding dot com, for a 150 person wedding with the basic needs and requirements, this wedding would cost: Total Estimated Cost: $21,439
What is the budget?
Team Infinity expect to plan this
wedding with a budget of $10,000
Risk Assessment

1. Unexpected guests
2. Weather
3. Not enough people will show up to reception
4. Power failure
Tony and Peggy Sue are college sweet hearts who are engaged to be married on June 30th. Tony is from New York and has a big extended family, parents own a restaurant. Peggy Sue is from Nebraska. She grew up on a farm. She has three married sisters, a mom who lives alone on the farm and her father is deceased.

Tony is a chef and Peggy Sue is a teacher.

Both mothers have plans for how they want the wedding; Peggy Sue's mom want her sisters in the wedding, Tony's mom wants his extended family in the wedding. The couple is hoping to have financial help from the wedding money gifts to help pay for the wedding and honeymoon, although Tony's mom offered them tickets for their honeymoon in Italy. New Year's day, wedding plans begin...
The Plan:
We are Team Infinity and the goal for our team is to determine
and develop the best
strategic plan for
successfully and diligently executing the wedding of
Tony and Peggy Sue
Issues to consider: Cost, probability of success, unforeseen issues...
Estimated Cost Breakdown
Average Cost per activity
Peggy and Tony will have to check out various locations (P)
Discuss budget for venue (P)
Select most economical venue that meets couples request (P)
Decoration selection (P)
Peggy and Tony will have
Primary responsibility over the venue selection process
Peggy and Tony (P)--Selection and design
Mothers (S)


Peggy and Tony (P)-- Mailing, Social Media
Mothers (S)

Peggy and Tony (P)--Select photographer

Peggy and Tony (P)-- Photo rehearsal

Tony and Peggy (P)--Photo selection

Tony (P)-- Photo payment plan
Food and Drinks
Tony (P)-- Menu Selection
Peggy (S)

Tony and Peggy (P)-- Tasting
Mothers (S)

Tony and Peggy (P)-- Cake selection

Tony and Peggy (P)-- Menu and cake confirmation
Peggy and Tony (P)--Florists Arrangement Selection

Peggy (P)-- Selection of bridal bouquet
Peggy's mom (S)

Florists (P)-- coordination of venue set up, setting up venue, delivery
Tony and Peggy (P)-- Music selection
Maid of honor and best man (S)

Tony (P) -- Hire DJ

DJ (P)-- Set up music
Work Breakdown
Peggy and Maid of Honor (P)-- Shopping and Fitting

Peggy and Maid of Honor (P)-- Style selection and fitting for bridesmaids and flower girl

Tony and Best Man (P)-- Style selection and fitting for rentals

Peggy and Tony (P)-- band selection, fitting
Tony (P)-- Pickup
Outfits and Rings
Work Breakdown Structure Chart for Wedding
Network Diagram
Risk Assessment Matrix
In Conclusion...What did we all learn from this project??
Estimated Cost for Each Activity
and Total Budget
There's a lot of work that goes into managing project. Using the key concepts, we were able to identify, assess, and rationalize the activities that needed to be done in order for a wedding to be successful. We challenged ourselves to bridge the key concepts, the case analysis and secondary research to present this project in the best way we saw fit. Staying on top of each other is the number one tool in project management that we saw. Just like for the activities to be completed based on a sequence of operations, we had to work as a team to do the same because each individual activity we completed, had to be in sequence with each other. Managing a project is about being a cohesive team. And there is not "I" in team!
How We Get These Numbers?

Using the Schedule from Chapter 5, estimate the cost for each activity.
Estimated budget is
150 Guests
Average cost is $30 plate/person 150x$30=
Venue $1,000 =
Decorations $400 =
Kinkos printing: $0.55 per person 150x$0.55=

Mailing Cost: $0.45 per person 150x$0.45=

Photographer: $250 for the wedding day =
Food and drinks: $4,500 =
Wedding cake: $115 =
Bridal bouquet: $99.99 =
DJ(music): $300 for the night =
Music Band: $350 =
Suit Rental: $225 per person 2x$225=

Dress Rental: $225 per person 2x$225=

Wedding rings: $299 per person 2x$299=

Wedding Transportation: $350 =
Salon Appointments: $100x4 4x$10=
Wedding gifts for guests: 3.05 per guest 150x$3.25=
Total Estimated Cost:
Cumulative Budgeted Cost Chart
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