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Focus Group

No description

zahra baig

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Focus Group

Focus Group : A group of 5 people plus me.
Brief notes which I got ready before the meeting:
•Colour schemes; What they thought about the results from the questionnaire.
•Layout of the front cover and show them my sketches.
•What to include in the double page spread
•Advice about names of the magazine
•Re ask the question ‘would you like a variety of genre in one magazine?’
•Idea about a Halloween special possibly Christmas
•Contents page: Show sketches
•Share makeup and costumes ideas
Focus Group Results I feel that the first idea didn't link that much with the theme of the magazine. I like the idea of taking a longer shot showing the dress as i do feel it's a good idea. "I like the contrast in colors and the richness
of the gold"
"The Purple and Red Bring life the magazine"
"How about Orange Purple and black to go with
the Halloween theme?"
Front Cover "Too Seductive"
" Not really showing the Halloween Theme"
" I like the final idea, with the makeup and pose; it's very mysterious and haunting yet Beautiful"
"How about a Half body shot showing the dress as the female audience would be attracted to the fashion of the model" Mixed Genres of Music With the questionnaire I felt that I wasn’t the best way to collect feedback however I did feel that the qualitative data was useful; therefore a focus group would be the best way forward.

Color schemes:
Red, Purple Gold and Black? I think that the Purple, red, gold and black color scheme give a rich, life, loud, classy, bold atmosphere, with a hint of rebellious. "yeah that's a good idea; its different and fresh "
" Ooh that's very unique, i like it"
"Maybe don't include to many genres; maybe just include the most popular ones?"
I think they are right about not including too many genres as it wouldn't have a specific target audience and would be to busy. I think that looking at the questionnaire that Indie and Pop would be a good mix. Chart chat
Techno Rush
Running Rings
Diamond Rush
Hey Ho
Red Alarm
RadioActive The Favorites :
Radio Active
Headphones Magazine Names Double Page Spread " I really like your final idea its fun and has a teen feel without being too messy"
"i like your second idea it's really loud"
I agree with the first statement and disagree with the second statement as i think its too busy and messy and doesn't maintain the rich and classy feel portray with the color scheme I shared the idea about having an artist interview and a top 10 Halloween songs.
"yeah i think the interview is a good idea because i like to hear what they think and the gossip first hand" Halloween Special? " Ooh Yeah, that sounds amazing!"
" I've never seen one, sounds different"
" that's a cool idea, would be really
interesting" I think i will go with the Halloween special idea as there's a gap in the market and i can be very creative with it. Contents " i like your final idea and the vertical lines created"
"i agree that the others are too alike your research"
i think that the others were to alike the research. However i will keep the idea of the image being the main focus
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