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My I.T Project

Describing differences and similarities between badminton, tennis and rugby and giving some ideas of what you need.

Sam Hickson

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of My I.T Project

The Subject: Sports In this presentation I will be explaining the similarities and differences between badminton, tennis, rugby and giving you some ideas of what you might need. First is Rugby I think that rugby is the best sport because it is a team sport, involves good fitness and is physical.
The game is played with a rugby ball, the ball is shaped like an egg.
It is purposly shaped this way so that when you pass the ball it can glide easier when you you spin it. The rugby game is played on a grass pitch.
There are two posts at either end of the pitch.
You have to cross the line at the other end to score a try.
After that you have a chance to score extra points by kicking the ball over the crossbar. Tips: For rugby it will be helpfull that you are fast or have a solid build or better yet, both. You will need a mouth guard
Mouth guard will save you money from paying for dental surgury if your hit head high. Cleates with studs for grip. Second is Tennis: Tennis requires alot of energy, but it really depends on how many games you play.
Tennis is an independent game, unless you were to play doubles. The tennis ball is small and easy to hit, but getting it in the court and winning requires skill and practice to the game. The tennis court has lot of lines and has a purpose and rules to them.
The is one line at the back called the bas line, if the ball it to go beyond that line then it's out and the opponents point.
There is a small rectangle box divided by two line that makes two small boxes that you have to take turns serving in.
And to the sides there is a base outline that has the same purpose as the base line.
Just beside the side lines are two more side lines that make the box smaller that single are played in. You will need any non-marking sports shoes, but tennis shoes have more grip and are built for tennis. You will need a tennis racket, if you go to your local
sports store they should get you one that suits you, E.g
height, power, weight of the racket. On those really sunny days you might need a
hat. Last but not least is badminton: Badminton I find does not require as much energy as tennis does (will be explained).
Badminton is like tennis as it has mostly same rules, same lines, and also is an independent game unless playing doubles. The badminton court is smaller so you are not running round as much.
The court is pretty much like a smaller tennis court with the same rules and mostly the same lines. The shuttle cock is much lighter and hence easier to hit.
You use your wrist to hit the shuttle instead of using your arms in tennis.
You will need a badminton racket.
The badminton racket is much lighter and easier to move.
You do not require badminton shoes
but they are handy becuase like tennis shoes, they are built for badminton. THE END! Thanks for watching! By Sam Hickson
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