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EVST 399 -- Day 2

Research Methods & Design, 2nd day; shows centrality of Task #3: Data Type

Jim Spickard

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of EVST 399 -- Day 2

Six Tasks
Basic Research Design
1. Research Topic
2. Research Question
3. Data Types
5. Research Site
4. Research Method
6. Data Analysis
Reports of acts
- of events
- of bodies
- of statuses
Economic figures
Cultural discourses
Experience as it presents itself to consciousness
Deep-seated attitudes
What everyone knows
Research Example 2
"Racial Resentment and Vote Choice in the
2008 U.S. Presidential Election"
by Jonathan Knuckey
Politics and Policy, 39/4: 559-582
Racial resentment & voting behavior
How much did racial resentment among
Whites affect voting in 2008?
Attitudes as they affect reported behavior

Data Type:

Method /

American National Election Surveys, 1988-2008
dependent: Presidential vote
independent: index of 4 racial attitudes
controls: demographic, socio-economic
Racial resentment played a large role among White voters' choice of candidate.
Exceeded only by party affiliation.
Greater than any previous election.
We are not in a post-racial era.
Racial resentment motivates a substantial part of the White electorate.
- Packet on Literature Searching
(on Moodle)
Sign up for / start CITI training (research ethics)
Certificate due Monday, Jan 21st
Bring THREE (3) possible Senior Projects topics.
- written, with a two-sentence rationale for each
Meet in Library on Monday.

- 1pm in Current Periodicals
I think Republicans have really cool ideas about the environment.
I would never let a racist give a talk in my community.
I'm a Red.
I'm a Green.
I've changed my views a lot on that topic. I used to think that all people were pretty much good at heart, and I'd still agree with that statement, if you asked me. But I've come to realize that not everyone has the same kind of emotional makeup. For example: I love my sister dearly, and she's basically a good person, but she's got some hot buttons -- mostly based on the way she was treated by her ex-boyfriend -- and wow! When you touch those you'd better be wearing asbestos gloves. She'll fry you in an instant, without even thinking about it. Of course, she doesn't think, which is the problem, but a really "good" person wouldn't do that, would they? And would they blame other people for their own reactions? I don't think so, but it's really complicated. I didn't use to know that, but I do now.
Look, that's just the way we do things here. Guys are supposed to solve problems, even if we don't feel particularly competent doing so. And we're not supposed to make a big deal about it. No drama. You see what you've got to do and you do it. That's the rules. I didn't make them, but we all know about them.
"I just became aware of them, all of a sudden--these huge beings walking through the garden. I mean, I couldn't see them--not with my eyes, anyway. The air was a bit fuzzy around them, but that wasn't how I knew something was there. I just knew it. I mean, it's kind of embarrassing to hear myself talk about it now: it sure sounds like I'm a druggie or a religious nut. But something powerful was there, as sure as you [the interviewer] are. They were just walking, seemingly on some business, taking no notice of me or anyone."
-- Interviewee from the San Francisco
Awareness Fellowship , 1982
Hands up!!
My neighbor pulled a gun on someone last night.
City of Redlands in 2010*
69,976 inhabitants
30.3% Latino/a
54.0% White, not Hispanic
7.6% Asian
5.2% African American
23.3% non-English speaking at home
23.2% under 18 years

$31,488 income per capita
$67,651 median household income
10.1% poverty rate

62.8% home ownership
$370,600 median owner-occupied home value
*Census QuickFacts
Research Question tells you
what kind of data you need
If you count it:
Statistics: comparison
& significance
If you summarize / describe it:
Thematic analysis
Pattern analysis
NOTE: Most textbooks get this wrong.
"Quant" and "Qual" are systems of ANALYSIS
NOT categories of METHODS
Research Site is anywhere
you can find the kind
of data you need
It does not explain ALL of the Republican opposition to Obama
Statistical comparison: regression &
probability analysis
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