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Festival Trip 2017

No description

Wendy Higdon

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of Festival Trip 2017

Creekside Music Festival Trip
What do I bring?
Rules & Expectations
Before departure
Chaperones, Buses & Rooms
2 Bags!
Bag #1 is a carry on bag and goes on the bus with you!
In this bag:
Comfortable clothes to change in to for Friday night
Any snacks you want on the bus
Your headphones, phone, chargers
A small amount of cash
Bag #2 goes UNDER the bus and you will not have access until 10 p.m. on Friday night!
In this bag:
Your Jammies
Clothes for Saturday for a variety of weather conditions
Cosmetics/ personal care items
Dry change of clothes for the bus ride home in case you get wet.
You also NEED:
Your instrument and music, with extra reeds, strings, mutes, etc
Your uniform (Boys-wear to school; Girls-bring to school on Friday)
Any prescription or OTC meds you need (dropped off by your parents to Mrs. Lingeman by noon on the Thursday before the trip)
Make sure EVERYTHING is labeled with your name (luggage, carry-on, instrument, uniform bag, meds).
Stuff NOTto bring:
No coolers
No Home Video Game systems (XBox, playstation, etc.) - handhelds only
No revealing or inappropriate clothing
No items prohibited by school rules
Please do not bring large amounts of cash
Parents need to bring in meds to Mrs. Lingeman any time from tomorrow until noon on the Thursday before the trip.
The school can only provide
meds taken on Friday @ school.
Please ONLY send what your child
needs for the trip!

If you are sending meds, you must complete the yellow form!
Meds must be dropped off at the clinic no later than Noon on Thursday before the trip.
At kings island, go to the health center if you get ill during the day. They will know how to reach us & we will be checking in every hour.
Departure @ 12:30 on Friday
-chaperones please be in auditorium by 11:45
Perform in Cincinnati area late afternoon
Lazer Kraze
Check in at Hotel & Lights out.
Breakfast @ the Hotel
Depart for Kings Island for rides & fun!
Meal stipend for lunch & dinner meals
Check in times with Chaperones
Leave for Home
Arrive @ Creekside at approx. 8:45 p.m.
A detailed itinerary is in your packet!
All assignments are listed in your packet. . . . no switching.
Meds and Illness
All school rules apply
Listen and follow directions the first time
Be respectful & courteous wherever we are
Do not leave your hotel room after lights out
ABSOLUTELY no one is in a hotel room of the opposite gender
Eat and drink sensibly (avoid junk food and energy drinks)
PLEASE, no whining. :(
We want you to have a fun trip!
Possible Consequences include:
Having to spend time with directors instead of your friends.
Sitting on the bus with an adult while your friends enjoy Laser Kraze or Kings Island
Being sent home
Luggage can be dropped off in the auditorium as early as 7 a.m. on trip day.
Home Cellos and Basses go to the back of the auditorium lower section.
Make sure your instrument case has a nametag on it!
Boys- wear your uniform to school.
Girls- bring your complete uniform to school. Make sure you have everything!
Follow the schedule provided by your director.

Make good choices!
Safety First!
We don't want you to miss out on any fun.
We definitely don't want your parents to have to come get you.
Bus rules
Attendance EVERY time we depart a location
Snacks OK. . . clean up after yourselves
G and PG Movies (DVD players on buses)
No inappropriate PDA
Be courteous and respectful
Use bus toilet sparingly
Chaperones should sit "throughout" the bus
Kings Island
Always stay in a group. Use the Buddy System
Don't hang out with people you don't know
Be on time for check-ins.
Don't force someone on a ride they don't like
You cannot take purses or backpacks on some rides
Lockers are available for rent. Pairing up with friends saves money.
Food is expensive in the park
You will get a meal stipend for lunch & dinner on Saturday. Do not lose it!
You may want to bring additional cash for drinks and snacks throughout the day.
Roller coasters can "eat" your cell phone, glasses or hats.
Let's have an awesome performance & trip!
the chaperones are your "trip parents."
Staying Informed
while on the trip

We use the Remind system

Text @1805-3-36 to 81010
REmind service allows:
The directors can send a text to the entire group with reminders, etc.
Private, secure and a safe way to communicate to the group throughout the trip
Chaperones should arrive at school no later than 11:45 a.m.
Remember to pick up your packets at the front of the stage when you arrive
Students are responsible for reporting to the designated adult when it is time for them to take their meds.
Set phone alarms!
Trip Contract
Contract is on Canvas under "Quizzes"
Student and parent should fill out together
This is a requirement for every student
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