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Case Study

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Elvis Zemani

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Case Study

Stadium Key Features Two boxed shaped steel frame arches each spanning 1,225 feet in length, 292 feet above the playing field. (35 by 17 feet wide, weighing 3,255 tons each).

Dallas Cowboys Stadium a Case study Retractable roof supported by two steel framed arches (each roof panel opens and closes in just 12 minutes) Infolding exterior wall with a 86-foot high glass curtain-wall surface serves as the main entrance The retractable end-zone doors glide on a track fixed to the ground and rollers at the top. Each sliding door is powered by two small 3 hp motors The non-operable portion of the roof is constructed of Sarnafil’s vinyl Energy PVC panels chemically welded together and connected to the roof deck with a series of screws and plates.
The retractable portion uses Teflon coated fiberglass fabric
Roof fabric is designed to withstand 115-mph winds "Steel Arches" "Retractable Roof" "Infolding Exterial Wall" "Roof Clading" The façade is constructed of light weight steel frame members fixed to concrete columns and beams. The frame is used to support the large sections of glass panels
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