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C3 Wired

No description

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of C3 Wired

Web 2.0 Tools
Web 2.0 Tools are various kinds of educational technologies designed for varied levels of collaboration, exploration, and creation in the classroom. Discovery Education offers a selection of Web 2.0 Tools for the classroom.
C3 Wired:
Integrating Educational Technology
in a Social Studies Classroom

Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship is the action of being responsible when using digital media and interacting with the many forms of digital media. It is encompasses the norms surrounding appropriate usage of the Internet. Digital Citizenship is a concept that is beginning to inundate curricula around the country as more educators consider how to address the needs of 21st century learners. While various organizations articulate how to be a responsible global citizen when using the Internet, they all have at least one continuous thread that connects us all—safety.

Applying Web 2.0 Tools
Shifting the Educational Paradigm
How can educational technology assist us with shifting the educational paradigm in our classrooms?
Free Resources to Incorporate
Digital Citizenship
Common Sense Media
K-12 Lesson Plans
for Incorporating Digital Citizenship
of Lessons in Action

What is it? How can I use it in my classroom?
Edmodo Teachers' Guide
Edmodo is a great start for beginning with Web 2.O tools as well as operating from a central location. Many educational technologies integrate with Edmodo's platform.
Edmodo Demo
Additional Resources
International Society for Technology in Education:
Edmodo Apps
Online Binders:
Online Collaboration:
Google Forms
Google Docs

Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate using Educational Technologies
Articulate and Connect Common Core for Social Studies (C3) to Digital Literacy

Connections to What We Are Already Doing...
Supports C3
Supports FFT
Supports SLO
Create, Communicate
How to use Docsteach?: Basic Instruction
What is it?
Google Hangouts
Create is a free online
application that allows for
the flipped classroom model.
Collect, Create, Collaborate, Communicate
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