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Copy of Copy of DIY Business Apps

No description

Annie Weis

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of DIY Business Apps

How we will make money
Market Research
Samantha Revera, Justin Willig, Annie Weis, Ashley Smith, Mustafa Chaudry
To have alumni always connected to the student body and help further their goals and successes by strengthening the academic community network.

Creating a convenient user friendly application that promotes student and alumni connections by putting students and alumni with similar interests in touch and able to benefit from each other’s experiences.
Students are confused and intimidated
about networking - acquiring jobs and

Do not utilize the resources provided
at the career services - not convenient
and not user-friendly

A resource for college students and alumni to connect with each other

Allows alumni to give back to their college communities and recruit new people to their field of work

An exclusive and personalized networking application for students and alumni

Hire programmers/developers.

Explain the vision and mission of company to programmers/developers.

Give specific instructions regarding design, functionality and various features required for the app based on market research.

Revenue Streams
Yearly Subscription - $99.99

Monthly Subscription - $14.99

Messages (10) - $.99

Lisencing fees from each school - $5,000
App Interface
Initial Expansion
App Development
LLC - Limited Liability

Split equity equally among the
5 members

Samantha Revera - 20%
Annie Weis - 20%
Justin Willig - 20%
Mustafa Chaudry - 20%
Ashley Smith - 20%

Basic One Week Trial

Limited Messaging
Year 1: Skidmore College
Year 2: 40 Little Ivies
Year 3: 50 Universities
Year 4: 500 Universities
Year 5: 1500 Universities

App Interface
"Mobile networking platform for
your alumni community"

134 schools - high schools and
colleges, public and private

Not international, not all schools,
no reputation
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