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Things about me - Imani Mathis

A brief bio

Jonathan Ajagbe

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Things about me - Imani Mathis

I was born in Decatur GA. Something weird and cool about me is when I was a baby I was born white and got darker when I grew.
My favorite things to do
My favorite things to do is to step,dance,and sing. I step because when i went to A Worly Brown. Me and some of friends tried out and we really liked it. I like dancing, because when I was 2-6 years old I did almost every dance. I still dance, because my grandmother loves to dance and she want me to dance. I sing , because i would sing for my great grandmother before she died. She loved when I sing to her. So i song at her funeral.
My favorite sport
Football,flag football,and basketball. My favorite football team is DALLAS COW BOYS. My favorite basketball team is NORTH CAROLINA PANTHERS.
What I want to be
I want to be a step teacher and a nurse that works with the new born.
I want to go to North Carolina with my family. Statesville college (North Side University)
favorite color
My favorite color is black.
My favorite food and music
My favorite food is poker chop and colup greens. My favorite music that i listen to is hip hop.
by Imani
Things about me
Stuff about me when I was born
My goal is to get in college and become a nurse and a step teacher020.
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