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Hibah Usmani

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Taiwan

Taiwan Introduction Environment Climate Clothing Food A R T S Activities Closing Want More? A website that you can go to is.... eng.taiwan.net.tw/ A great book would be.... Taiwan in Pictures
by Ling Yu and Jon A.Teta _____________ Taiwan is a country with culture that's like many others. The food is Chinese and the clothes are like Americans. Even if they have only unique languages, Taiwanese and Mandarin, Taiwan is special. They have a religion like the country of India and so is the climate. Now it is time to get on the plane and fly home. If you truly love this trip, go to Taiwan for real. In conclusion, this country's culture should be the best. Taiwan has a culture that you may find out of this world with facts like what a Yueh Ch'n Lute is. First of all, the capitol is Taipei and some major cities are Kaohsiung and Tainan. Taiwan borders the China and Philippines seas. Their flag is red with a white sun in the corner with a blue background. Their people believe statues and this is called Buddhism.The climate is warm, the clothes are simple, the arts are magnificent, the food is delicious and there are many sports. Taiwan is mostly like many countries, but it adds spice to make other traditions their own. Hopefully, you will find this country very interesting and take a visit with your friends. Formosa- What Portuguese called Taiwan, Beautiful land
total square kilometers- 36,000 ( 14,400 square miles )
two thirds forest, one third high lands and plains warm weather
southern Taiwan is summer all year long
lowest temperature, Jan.- Feb.- 11 degrees Celsius ( 51 Fahrenheit )
highest temperature, Jun.- Jul.- 36 degrees Celsius ( 96 Fahrenheit ) Simple clothes for work and home
Native wear European clothes
American and European clothes are common
Can't enter most restaurants without tie
Too hot means no suit, but jacket Real gourmets from China
Seafood is mostly eaten, Taiwan is in the middle of the ocean
Multicultural foods from around the world
Many snacks
Drinks tasty like Taiwanese tea Fine Art Museum and more
oil paintings
Calligraphy which is hand writing
pot making with clay
many drama companies
famous for films
Western and Classic Chinese music
Opera music
Instruments are Hichiriki Double Reed and Yueh Ch'n Lute
Opera singer tell story with make up Holiday- Daja Mazu Pilgramige
Involves Mazu, goddess of the sea
Burning of the Plague God Boat in Donggang
Involves peace and good fortune
Tennis Order from popular to least
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