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Caroline's Cakes

No description

Caroline McCann

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Caroline's Cakes

791 Sweet Street
Palm Beach, Florida 33480
(561) 091-4021
Caroline McCann

Owner and Founder
Make business plans and strategies
Hire employees
Make marketing decisions
Help customers
Pay bills on time and keep track of expenses
General Manager
Make sure that all employees are at work on time, do their jobs, and work hard
Has leadership skills
Continuously communicates with employees
Reports to owner
Emily Dunne
Assistant Manager
Report to general manager
Take place of general manager if she is not there
Help employees stay on task
Help with recruiting
Employee of the Month
Vanessa Hall
Vanessa is always on time, stays on task, and does her job ina timely fashion. She is very deserving of the Employee of the Month award.
Bestselling Item for the Month
Vanilla Four Layer
Wedding Cake
Upcoming June Events
Sweet Sale- 10% off all three layer chocolate or vanilla cakes sceduled for June delivery
A $100 gift card for all customers who buy more than $600 worth of product in the month of June
New Item for July
Items We Are Selling the Most Of
Progection Sales For November
Caroline's Cakes
By Caroline McCann
Elizabeth Geyer
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