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Earning a trip

No description

Patti McClimans

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Earning a trip

Earning incentives/trips/HOC
is within your reach Set the goal Tell your upline Start Now Tell your family Tell your
downline Help them find events Create mini-"yous" Get a system for new recruits The Extras!! New Recruits Success Bound HOC II Promote out leaders Make it visible Tell your Friends Tell yourself Recruit Early Schedule Early Book early to
continue the bookings Look at last year's calendar Overbook yourself
and share Think Bigger Get out of your comfort zone Attend Convention and
ALR Happy Consultants Every Month Show your team how to do the same Recruiting More Recruits Upsell School & Library Common Core
Collections Work whole school Fundraisers Training HOC II Be Consistent Encouraging others Never give up What other leaders say... First, and I mean right away when it is announced, I pick a moment from my future trip and I visualize it really happening. I put that in my brain and I think of it every day. With the Alaskan cruise, I visualized my son walking on a glacier every single day before I got out of bed, and that is what motivated me to get to work every day. I think the visualization makes the trip real in my brain and by the time I have lived that moment every day for a couple of weeks, I don't want to let it go. With the Mediterranean cruise, I pictured a Rome excursion to the Vatican, which I missed out on by not earning the Rome trip. I was not going to let that pass me by again!

Second, I make a spreadsheet at about halfway of my expected events, their estimated net, and how that stacks up against my trip points ~Tricia McCaffrey Focus on a well-rounded, moderately full calendar. I make sure I am selling at least six (preferably 8-10) days/month. For example, a three day book fair, plus four home shows in one month. Or a two day booth and 4 home shows. If I do that then the numbers work out in the end. ~Jill Cox I set a personal goal of meeting HOC 2 each month that way it forced me to be on my recruiting game too. When trying to earn a trip it's easy to get wrapped up in thinking you have to get all the sales. Obviously teach others do what you're doing SO I would set a goal for my newbies to hit HOC 1. When they saw how easy that was to do I would try to get them to reach for HOC II. Come up with your own visual system so you can mark off the sales each month. posted where you can see it everyday. do not get discouraged when you do not hit your benchmark, you can make up for it next month. for my newbies I setup a weekly call for them to call me at a specific time, I put on my calendar so I didn't forget,so I was able to keep them excited about their business and see where they were struggling. I would pop little things and notes in the mail to cheer them on. The feedback I got from that was amazing. quite often I would write notes while sitting in the carpool line, waiting at a dance class etc.

I also told all my friends and family I was working on the trip to that way their questions, how is the trip going would help me remind me that I was truly working for purpose. In fact, it was my new why, WHY because I deserve to go on a trip :-D

I also would set goals of 1 home show a week and 2 big book fairs/ booths each month. I would bring them to the events for on hands training. That always gave them a huge boost in their confidence. ~Sherry Brand I have earned two trips largely in part to doing RFTS and working with schools in general. My sales jumped tremendously once school events were factored in.

~Jana Gruber Look at last year's calendar Mark your Calendar This is a tip that Ruth shared with me and I always try to remember…recruit early. Recruit hard right before the trip-earning period starts & in the early stages of the trip-earning period…so that your trip recruits have longer to accumulate sales.

~Kelly Akers (Roll Tide) The thing that I've found most essential is to talk about the decision w/ your husband or other support person so they are completely on board w/ you. Then they will help you be accountable & stay excited & focused.

~Ruth Smith Home
Shows Recruit early and often. Then work like crazy.
~Liz Hawkinson Earning HOC II means you are also building your team, and team sales, not just for the trip, but for long term business strength as well. ~Cathy Eads Earning HOC II every month gives me consistency and puts me where I need to be for any HO contest...trip, Connect 4 etc. It also keeps my business going in the right direction. It's like taking little steps toward a bigger goal ~Wendy Kennedy Setting a goal to earn HOC II each month helps me work consistency and set an example for my team. It helps me continue to have a growing team and it's fun to see my name in the newsletter ~ Heather Bowling I love HOC II's! Not only do I get a "happy" in the mail, but earning them helps me know I am staying on track with my long term goals for my business. They are good checkpoints on the road to my BIG goals. ~Katie Meyerpeter
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