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Flowers For Algernon Essay

Theme Essay in Prezi

Shelly Kang

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Flowers For Algernon Essay

Flowers For Algernon Essay
The theme shown throughout the novel, is that being smart is not always the best thing, because you start to take things for granted and lose hope and determination in life.
How does the main character change?
How Is the Conflict Resolved?
In a way, the true problem of the story was when the doctors operated on Charlie in the first place, depending on your beliefs about that. When Charlie started to learn more about his surroundings and how the world worked, he became less interested and couldn't see the beauty in anything or anyone; he also lost a lot of his determination. All of this was resolved when he found out that he was going to regress back to where he was before, and started to accept that. In fact, he realized that he'd have to accept the inevitable, and instead of trying to prevent it, he took part in planning out where he'd go and what he'd do after the regression.
What does the title suggest?
The title "Flowers for Algernon" symbolize many things in the novel. Algernon symbolizes charlie. "He explaned how it took a long time with Algernon
before he got 3 times smarter then he was before.
Thats why Algernon beats me all the time in that
amaze race because he had that operashun to" (Keyes 8). Charlie and Algernon both got the operation to get smarter which worked but could not avoid the deterioration. And the flowers that are for Algernon imply an extra thing life; flowers are something not needed, but still pretty. Which means that flower symbolize intelligence in this story.
What Does it Show About People?
Through the changing of the main character, conflict resolution, and title suggestion, the theme of it not always being a good thing to be smart due to taking things for granted, and loss of hope and determination is shown and proven.
In the novel "Flowers for Algernon", by Daniel Keyes, the theme is portrayed through the changing of the main character, symbolism of the title and solution of the conflict.
In this novel there are different changes internally and externally in the main character.
The main character, Charlie, changed externally becoming smarter through the operation. "I beet Algernon. I didn't even know I beet him until Burt Selden told me" (Keyes 31). Charlie was not able to beat Algernon the lab mouse in the maze before the operation. But after getting the operation he has beat Algernon which represents that his intelligence levels are increasing. Also in this novel there are internal changes too.
Charlie starts to see the world differently. He starts to realize what people think of him. "I resent Nemur's constant reference to me as a laboratory specimen" (Keyes 113). In the beginning Charlie was just happy with them using him and giving him an operation. But after the operation he is starting to think about how others think of him, and does not like how Nemur is treating him. Finally, Charlie starts to accept the fact that his intelligence is deteriorating and that it is unavoidable. "I've got to take my mind off the problem for a while and let it stew. I've gone as far as can on a conscious level, and now it's up to those mysterious operations below the level of awareness" (Keyes 76). At first he did not accept the fact, and was trying all he could do to figure out a way to stay intelligent. Later on Charlie realizes that deterioration will happen no matter what, and started getting ready for that moment.
At first, Charlie was a determined and hopeful individual, with the charming interest in everything around him. One of the only cares in his world was to find friends, "If your smart you can have lots of fiends to talk to and you never get lonley by yourself all the time" (Keyes 6). For a while after the operation, he gets smarter and smarter, and soon he becomes bitter with the world. People like Miss Kinnian begin to feel inferior and belittled by him; Miss Kinnian says to him, "'There was something in you before. I don't know... a warmth, an openness, a kindness that made everyone like you and like to have you around. Now, with all your intelligence and knowledge, there are differences..." (Keyes 39). Charlie finds things out about people feel about him and who he is, and soon the world takes its toll on him; he becomes troubled and sadistic. When he realizes that he's going to slowly regress back to his former self or worse, he actually embraces it with time. He realizes that he was taking things for granted, and when Nemur asks him if he thinks he was better off before the surgery, Charlie says yes, because he realized in the past few months that no matter if a moron or genius, nobody really cared about him, so what difference did it make (Keyes 77)?
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