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series/parallel combination of circuit element in daily life

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Pranith Kumar

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of series/parallel combination of circuit element in daily life

The main difference in series and parallel is that to provide a common voltage to all the circuit elements we use parallel connection and to change the potential drop or current flow and hence the power supplied we use series connections.
Lets try out a
simple experiment...
We know batteries that we use in torch lights.
Its terminals have a potential difference of 3 volts...
Now lets say 4 of such batteries are placed together such that positive terminal of one touches the negative terminal, and now if we try to touch the two ends...???
series/parallel combination of circuit element in daily life
We definitely can
feel the shock.....
because of series connection the voltage drop across the terminals is increased...
So , If we touch the terminals of the body we don’t feel anything..
Now this principal of series connection is useful in daily life in many electronic devices like wall clocks, toys, torchlights and many more....
Now, lets walk through some applications....
In series....
Each bulb has voltage drop of approx. 3 to 9 V and are aligned in a set of multiples of 8.
The most common use anyone would guess is Decoration lights commonly seen during festive
In decoration lights a series of small bulbs are placed in series and a circuit is formed for the lights to glow . For being in series if one bulb is defected then the entire row goes dark.
Solar panels generate free power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity
The solar panels a collection of individual silicon cells which has an output of 0.5 volts.
These small cells are connected in series to give the necessary and much higher output .
coming to parallel...
Street lights has a voltage drop of about 220 V. All the street lights are connected in parallel ...
Now, you may think if street lights can be in parallel, why are the decorative lights in series...
House Linings:

In our house every power slots switch boards, tube lights, Fans are all connected In parallel so that every switch board/equipments receive an equal amount of voltage...

Transformers and power grids:

Transformers and power grids which supply the power to all the streets are all connected in parallel...

Capacitors are placed in parallel to add up all the capacitance and hence charge stored in the capacitors is increased
This principle is used to give the necessary spark for vehicles with self-start. And also in ceiling fans for the necessary jump start.
Sometimes the fan doesn’t start but giving the push starts it to rotate. This is because the capacitor has stop working and there is no jump start.
A regulator consists of spool of wire with different resistances. When we change the knob to particular position, the resistance in series with circuit changes which in turn changes the current flowing through the circuit...
At lower speed we can see that regulator gets heated up as resistance is high most of the power is liberated in the form of heat....
Thank you...
data collected by:
presentation created by:
presented by:
Neel P.Sheth
Lakshay Ranjan Shrivastava
Pranith Kumar
Kanhaiya Lal Kashyap
Lakshya Gourav Moitra
Manash Jyoti Deka
Group - S1G7
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