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abbie ryan

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of .

What have you learnt about technlogies from the process of constructing this product? Before creating my preliminary task and my final piece I had never used Photoshop before. This is the technology that I found myself using the most to ensure I completed the task to a high standard. I feel that during the process of using the program it allowed me to show personal creativity on my piece. When creating the magazine I used the program to edit, re size and personalize each element at a professional standard. From constructing the project I have learnt that
this is the perfect program to produce a magazine as
in a wide context it allowed me to mimic products
that are already created within the magazine industry. I feel that as the program allowed me to worki
in layers I was able to adapt and have the ability to create a piece which I felt worked well together after an experimental process. The camera which I used for my final images was a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 I feel that the quality of the camera was to a reasonably
high standard which produced a great outcome of final
images. As I had used this camera many times before, the
settings and focus was all correctly adapted to suit the style
of the images I was looking for. Therefore, this use of
technology thoroughly helped me to construct my final images. Additionally websites and programs which helped me to
piece together realistic and appropriate ideas for my final piece
were as followed: MyFont and DaFont to help me choose texts and styles that were going to feature throughout my magazine. Blogger was the online blogging website that I reguarly used to share and store all my ideas during the research and planning process. I was also able to gain feedback from my peers through this to take into consideration before creating my final piece. I used the website scribd which allowed me to put word documents onto my blog in their original format. An example of using scribd would be to upload my magazine article for others to view on my blog. Lookbook was a website I made use of to gain a sense of direction regarding style for my magazine. This helped me to create a solid image of how I wanted my artist to appear throughout. Overall I feel that all of the above technologies helped me to produce a high quality final product. I have learnt new skills throughout the process as a result of all of the above and many more programs. Each of these technologies have allowed me to research and express my ideas and thoughts to finally creating a finished piece.
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