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The Magical Planet Arria

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of The Magical Planet Arria

Location in the solar system
The location in the solar system that planet Arria is located in is between Earth and Mars and it is approximately 27.3 million kilometres away from our Sun.
On planet Arria there's nitrogen and oxygen making it possible for there to be life. The planet Arria has some areas of brown deserts with three oceans called Citnalta (pronunciation) sin-al-ta, Naidni (pronunciation) nad-ny, and Cificap (pronounciation) sif-fy-kap.
It appears to be half blue and half beige.

by Grace Colonas And Stella Glyde
Planet Arria has a slight tilt from the Sun and rotates giving night and day. Also Arria has seasons similar to our Earth.
The climate on Arria is maybe a bit colder than earth with a minimum of -76 degrees and a maximum temperature of 54 degrees. It has winds.
The atmosphere on Arria contains rocks and sand, water, and gases. It has less gravity than Earth because Arrias Moon is smaller than ours.
Where is your planet located in the solar system and what conditions does that create? ( for Arria )
The Climate And Tilt
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