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Initiation by Sylvia Plath

No description

Alex Woodliff

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Initiation by Sylvia Plath

Initiation A short story by Sylvia Plath Millicent - Protagonist - Round - Dynamic - Blonde hair, short, skinny, and pretty

Tracy - Flat - Static - Undefined looks - "Preppy" personality

Bev - Antagonist - Round - Dynamic - Undefined looks - Mean and aggressive

Herb Dalton - Flat - Static - Cute boy in his teens - Kind personality

Louise - Flat - Static - Undefined looks - Very nice Character Exposition - Millicent is trying to figure out where she is. She is getting initiated into a sorority club.

Main Conflict - Millicent is going through a very tough initiation to get into a sorority club.

1. Millicent's "big sister" turns out to be Bev, the hardest one
2. Bev is extremely harsh when testing Millicent
3. Herb "like likes" Millicent, but Bev likes Herb

Climax - When Millicent comes in contact with the man and stopped being bothered by initiations would probably be the climax.

Resolution - Millicent decides she doesn't want to be in the club Plot & Conflict The setting is based at a high school called Lansing high.The story is based in mid-early fall, because it iis at the beginning of the school year. The mood was very suspenseful and a tad bit eerie. Setting and Mood The story is written in third person limited. I know this because the narrator never refers to himself as a character, and he uses words such as he or she. Narrator & Voice You don't have to be the most popular person in school, hangout with all the "cool kids," or be the sexiest person around to have a good life with lots of friends. Theme Flashback is a major part of this story because most of the story is a long extended flashback. It starts off in a flashback, and towards the end it goes back to the present and you figure out that Millicent decided not to become part of the sorority club. Flashback While reading this story, there is an element of suspense that is keeping you from knowing what is going to happen with Millicent and the sorority club. It builds up more and more over time and eventually it just hits you square in the face that Millicent decides not to be part of the club. Suspense A girl in high school gets invited into a sorority club. She has to go through an initiation to get into the club. At the end of the initiation she decides she doesn't want to join the club. (see theme and resolution) Summary
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