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The ''little boy'' look by Coco Chanel

The creation of the little boy look by coco chanel is a symbolic representation of the power of women whitin a society ruled by man.

roxanne gagné

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of The ''little boy'' look by Coco Chanel

the little boy look was about wearing:
short hair like men
Pants like men
Neutral colors
No waist definition
comfortable cothes

in 1920, roles between men and women were not equaly devided

Men had the leading role in the family
women were meant to stay home to take care of the kids,to do the cleaning and the cooking. women were able to wear clothes that were not meant to please men. They could wear a shirt that did not require corsetry or waist definition to be atractive to the eyes of a men. Being abble to wear clothes just like men, women felt:

Free The look of being constricted to ultra feminine garments, such as corsets dissolved. Women took back their femininity and sexuality, the choice to wear what they wanted was now up to them. Gabrielle(Coco Chanel)
1883-1971 The little boy look stayed througthout many generations until now. It inspired many designer since.
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