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NSW Alcohol Lock Out Laws

No description

Sheree Fricker

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of NSW Alcohol Lock Out Laws

Why was this policy created?
Newcastle vs. Adelaide
Media Pressure
Regional Lock Out Policy
Melbourne Lockout
Original Policy March 2008
1 am Lockout
12 am Glassware ban
Shots and drinks with more than 30ml alcohol content prohibited after midnight
3 am End of service
Policy Amendments July 2008
1:30 am Lockout
3:30 am end of Service
Alcohol fueled violence reduced by 36%
Original Policy October 1 2013
3 am Lockout
4 am Glassware Ban
Policy Amendments October 17
12 am Glassware ban
2am Shots and drinks with more than 30ml alcohol content prohibited
Alcohol fueled violence reduced by 25%

# Implemented June 2, 2008.

# 3 month Trial.

# Ended September 2, 2008.

# 457 Premises were planned for the lockout.

# 115 Given an exemption from the lockout.

# People still had somewhere to get alcohol.
Friday, April 4th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
"Australians love a drink, and some see no problem at all with drinking to excess. But now doctors, police and paramedics warn that alcohol fueled violence has reached crisis levels
Impact on the Medical System

$187 million a year
Victim's families risk losing their homes to cover medical costs
Families give up full time work to care for the victim
NSW Alcohol Lock Out Laws
Ballarat Lockout
# Began August 2013 - 3AM Lockout.

# Only lockout in the country who has had it’s long-term effects investigated.

# Assaults per 10,000 in 2003 vs nearby Geelong was 1.4 to 1.5.

# There was a drop in 2004 to around 1.0 - a 30% drop.

# In 2005, the rates skyrocketed to 3 in 10,000 - overtaking Geelong.

Impact on Employment
Cons of the Lockout Legislation:

* An increase in job cuts

* The livelihood of DJ’s is under threat due to their late night/early morning working hours

* The efforts of venues that have made an intentional and consistent impact in providing safe, friendly environments for music-goers are undermined e.g. GoodGod Small Club

* Lockout-effected venue owners risk loosing major events and festivals to other districts
Impact on the Music Industry
"I think a 1.30am lockout is ridiculous. It's going to mean even more people are roaming around the streets with nothing else to do."

John Ibriham
Thomas Kelly's parents campaigned for tougher sentencing
What we will address:
Kiera- The media portrayal and the public opinion associated with the policy.

Sheree- Comparision of lockout laws in Newcastle and Adelaide

Chris – Comparison of lockout laws in Melbourne and Ballarat

Georgia- The impact this social issue has on the medical system

Daisy- The impact this policy has had on the music industry

Michael- The impact this policy has had on employment in general.
What we will address:
Since the Policy was Implemented:

Fewer Ambulance call-outs
98 Ambulance call-outs from Feb-March 2014 compared to 137 in 2013
71.5% reduction in assaults
Fewer admissions to hospitals
No 'coward punch' victims
What Health Professionals Think:

Reduce the availability of alcohol
Improve the safety of licensed venues
Safe and frequent transport
Reduce trading hours
"One day someone is going to sit down and weigh up the benefit in terms of taxes to government from the sale of alcohol, against the determinant or cost of violence"

Four Corners 2013
Pros of the Lockout Legislation:

* Begins to deal with the reality that the art sector as a whole has an alcohol problem

* The policy does not apply to small Sydney bars and venues with capacities of under sixty patrons

* The legislation may introduce popular, widespread campaigns against the new measures
An ideal solution for the music industry:

* Less generalization of alcohol fueled violence
* Individualisation between venues and contexts of violence
* Further research on the occurrence of alcohol related violence within the music industry
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