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No description

Daniela Campo

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of business

lululemon athletica
lululemon was first originated in Vancouver British Columbia , Canada
Founded in 1998.
The founder of the company is Chip Wilson.
Lululemon currently have 2861 employees
About lulelemon athletica.
Lululemon runs approximately 165 stores. The majority of the stores are in North America, but Lululemon has stores present in Australia and New Zealand
Slogan is Yoga.Run.Peace
The logo stand for Athletically hip
Company products/ Services
Athletic apparel for yoga, running,dancing and any exercise sport
Product offered both men and women
Great quality , and comfort.
Available in different colours and original style/ design
Every items from lululemon ranges in price
These are the price ranges.
Tanks: $40-$70
Tops: $58-$100
Jackets & Hoodies: $100
Bags: $40-$180
Accessories: $10-$80
Spain (España)
Major cities
Madrid (capital) 5.762 million
Barcelona 5.029 million
Valencia 812,000
urban population: 77% of total population .
GDP per capita:$30,500
Undemployment rate:22.7%
Export partners:France,germany, Portugal & Italy
Import partners:Germany, France, Italy, &China
External debt:$2.3 trillion
Minimum wage $7.56 CDN. Hourly
The Mediterranean:
climat is characterised by dry and warm summers and cool and wet winters
The north and northwestern part:
This part of Spain has the most precipitation and cloudiness
Spain has to much economic problems
The minimum wage wont be enough to buy the merchandise
The unemployment rate is to high.
Would loose money epxorting merchandise to spain where noone will buy it.
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