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Wildlife Interactions in Madagascar

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Matt Morales

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Wildlife Interactions in Madagascar

Wildlife Interactions in Madagascar! In this prezi: -ways plants and animals interact
-symbiotic relationships
-predator-prey relationships
-a food web of the ecosystem
-limiting factors in the ecosystem
-ways humans impact the ecosystem Ways plants and animals interact: Clown fish and anemone: Anemone protects clownfish with it's poison, clownfish feces is fertilizer for anemone. Moray Eel and Cleaner Shrimp: Moray eels allow the cleaner shrimp in their mouths which give shrimp protection and the shrimp cleans the eel's mouth. Crab and Coral: Crab hides in the depths of the coral. It gets housing and protection while the coral gets cleaning of unwanted sediment. Symbiotic Relationships: Mutualism: Algae gets on sloth hairs, this camoflauges the sloth and gets the algae closer to sunlight. Commensalism: Moths, mites and beetles lay their eggs in sloth dung, letting the larvae eat the dung. Parasitism: A parasitic wasp injects eggs into a fig wasp. The larvae of the parasitic wasp eats the larvae of the fig wasp. Predator-Prey Relationships: 1.The fossa is a predator to many types of lemur. 2. The eagle owl is a predator to the civet. 3. The Serpent Eagle is a predator to chameleons. Food web in the ecosystem: Limiting Factors: Pollution: Pollution can get into oceans killing flora and fauna if they eat polluted organisms or take in polluted water. Salinity: Salinity-the saltiness of water- can affect the boiling and freezing point of water which can kill all biotic factors in the given area. Humans inmpacting the earth: 1. We dump sewage and industrial waste into the sea.

2. We build oil tankers and occasionally spill oil into the sea accidentally.

3.We over exploit the food source. SAVE THE MARINE BIOME!
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