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Key Ideas & Details

No description

Julie Weber

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Key Ideas & Details

How do we make certain each learner will grow?
Key Ideas & Details
RI3: Describe the connection between a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text.
Craft & Structure
RI6: Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe.
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Visual Learner
Differentiate, Individualize, and Leverage Student
Interests and Experiences
You are a visual learner. Seeing is knowing for you. You do not understand how things work until you are able to see how they move, how they look in real life and how they function around you.
Flipped video of sequencing lesson with mentor text in previous lesson-
Google Classroom
Find a video of similar topic chosen to view information.
Graphic Organizers
to lay out the process or sequence of topic
Written agenda of items to complete
(Demo-Google Keep in Google Classroom)
Graphic Organizer
English Language Learner
You are an ELL student who moved to this country less than six months ago. You are still learning the English Language. You know basic English and get by with the help of the ELL teacher modifications to your assignments and different learning activities within the classroom setting.
Preview Vocabulary (book creator)
Google Translator
for unknown language
Flipped video to help visually, orally and
Online text read aloud-
ADHD/Auditory Learner
You are a gifted learner and are able to focus on the lesson but only if you are moving and grooving. You are an auditory learner. You are reading and writing one grade level below at this time. It is difficult for you to transfer information that you hear or transfer information to written text, but you can dictate your ideas to a scribe or to a speech-to-text device.
Book is read into iPad in book creator
Student will refer back to listen to it to listen to the order of
Review video
of how to work independently
Video (review) with lesson on filling out GO-
Allowed to spread out/stand while working
Moving/building the sequence of events with index cards or a
comic strip organizer to draw out events book creator
Speech to Text and Text to Speech with iPad
Checklist to manage work completion-
Google Keep
Interactive book
Google Keep-
Organization of tasks
Designing Instruction with Learners in Mind.
Intellectual Disability
Preview Vocabulary-
(book creator)
or Modify texts with language at their level
(book creator)
Flipped Video-Not only for students but for SPED teachers to have content on hand
Preview information and content and help connect text-to-self and/or text-to-world
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd or beginning, middle, end
(smart notebook)
or index cards with drawings
-Identifying author, illustrator, cover, index, glossary
You have an intellectual disability. You are academically functioning four years behind your peers. Due to your motor impairments you are unable to take notes or process the language due to the fact that the information about to be presented is beyond your cognitive development.
Include Student Choice
and Interest.
Designing Instruction
3 Key Standards
Allowing for
various locations for learning
RI9: Compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts or sources on the same topic.
With Formative Assessments prior to this unit
text- speech
text- speech
video of sequencing
lesson/GO video
video of sequencing
video of sequencing
video of sequencing
video of sequencing
video of sequencing
speech to text
speech to text
book creator-
comic strip with sound
graphic organizers
building the sequence
with index cards
movie script
graphic organizer
Google Keep/Checklist
(To-Do) with days of week
Student Choice Survey
4 3 2 1
create a skit
of order of events
Inspirtation Software
Compare/Contrast Venn
Drag and Drop
use rewordify
To simplify language
build a model
and order sequence
Next Page
Developing a
Learning Plan

How to reach
the goal set...
Instruction based on:

1. Pace Needed

2. Leveled

3. Student interests and Learning Styles considered
Interactive Books
Concluding Ideas
Please return to the Padlet
Add anything to your comment that you may want to change after hearing the presentation today, and in the back channel chat, please leave feedback for us about at you think you may use and what you would like to know more about
options for text to speech
options for finding definitions
Keeping information
working independently paper/pencil
Working collaboratively on Google Docs with the ability to use voice to text feature
using graphics to present
ideas for this standard

Integration of Technology Goals in Literacy
Content, Process, Product, Environment
Different ways to
collect the formative
data prior to assessing
for proficiency.
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