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my middle school years

my 6th through 8th grade years

Kailey Grams

on 26 August 2010

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Transcript of my middle school years

MIDDLE SCHOOL... Kings Island
& Cosi Washington Dodgeball Rocket unit 8th grade dodgeball was
really fun. it was more funny because none of us had ever played dodgeball before kings island was probably
the best feild trip. we got
to spend the whole day
on rides.It was a really
good experince. the rocket unit was
so much fun. even
though my rocket blew
up it was still fun.:) Rennaisance I love rennaisances they
are always fun. You get to hang
out with your friends. This is a reward
that comes out of doing your
school work. Everything thathas happend through my middle school
years have made me who i am today. From the stupid drama
and the amazing feild. iIn 6th grade i used to care so much what ever
one thought of me. Now i could care less. I have my true friedns
that will always be there for me. I am said to be leaving middle school
but very excited for high school. I will never forget my memories of
middle school. Washington was by far my
best memorie of 8th grade.
i learned alot from it and also had
alot of fun with my friends. Its a trip
that i will never be able to forget. i have learned who i am. Who my true friends
are! how my life has
changed! All of these events
in my middle school
life is what helped that.:)
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