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Breaking Dawn

The fourth and final book of the Twilight Saga!!!!!!!!

katherine mcvay

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn Setting The setting for the Twilight Saga is Forks, Washington. It is a small town on the Olympic Peninsula. It is mountainous, damp, and frigid cold. It rains almost every day and is lush with vegetation. The town is constantly under cloud cover. Bella Edward Edward Cullen is a vampire. He is engaged and then married to Bella. His power is that he can read minds. He knows what everyone is thinking all the time, except for Bella. He has a very kind, generous, and caring personality. Books The book Breaking Dawn is split into three books, the first narrated by Bella, the second narrated by Jacob, and the third narrated by Bella again. Book 1 Characterization The next slides show the characteristics of the main characters for Book 1. These characters are Bella and Edward. In Book 1 Bella is not yet a vampire. She is engaged and then married to Edward Cullen. Her power is that none of the other vampire powers are able to affect her brain. She has a very stubborn personality. Theme Book 1 - Happiness is attainable even when it seems impossible.
Book 2 - Stand up for what you believe in.
Book 3 - Fight for those you love even when it looks like a lost cause. Significant Rising Actions Book 1 One rising action from Book 1 is the wedding. At the wedding Bella and Edward finally get married. It is a beautiful ceremony filled with flowers. It takes place on the Cullen estate. During the party, Jacob stops by after just returning home from his time abroad.
Another rising action is their time on the honeymoon. For their honeymoon they went to Isle Esme, a gift from Carlisle to Esme (Edward's parents), just off the coast of Brasil. After the first night Edward becomes distant. Bella is soon able to bring him back to his normal self for the rest of their 2 weeks there. Climax The climax of book 1 is when Bella discovers she is pregnant. She discovers it by realizing what her throwing up and enormous appetite meant. When she was checking her stomach in the mirrior she felt it move inside her. She falls in love with her "miracle" but Edward calls it "thing" and promises to get it out. Symbolism The symbolism of Breaking Dawn is in the title. Breaking Dawn symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Bella's new life begins by becoming a vampire, a Mrs. and a mom. Jacob's life changes by becoming alpha and imprinting on Renesmee. Book 2 Characterization The next slide detail the main characters of book 2. These characters are Jacob, Seth, and Leah as well as the characters from book 1. Jacob Jacob is a werewolf. He has been in love with Bella for a long time and had trouble with the fact that she was engaged. He is one of the more powerful wolves. He has a very happy personality and smiles frequently. Seth Seth is a werewolf. He is one of the youngest in the pack, only 15. He is very loyal to the Cullens and Jacob. His personality is very spirited. He smiles and laughs all the time. A interesting quality about Seth is that he always tries to make people happy, not thinking about what he needs. Leah Leah is the only girl werewolf. She has very pessimistic personality. It is very depressing to be around her. She had her heart broken by Sam, pack alpha, and has never been the same since. She only sees the down side of things. Significant Rising Actions
Book 2 One rising action is Jacob becoming alpha of his own pack. When the pack discovered Bella was pregnant they got mad. They decided to kill her. Jacob took a stand and ,because he was supposed to be alpha in the first place, became a lone alpha. Then Seth and Leah joined him, becoming his pack.
Another rising action is that the baby was killing Bella from the inside out. It wasn't letting her get the nutrition she needed and it was breaking her bones. She thinks that Edward can turn her into a vampire at the last minute. Climax The climax of book 2 is when Bella gives birth. She reflectively bent down to pick up what she dropped and then she went into labor. All the vampires besides Edward had to leave because of the blood. Edward and Jacob were the only ones there to get the baby out. When the baby was out they saw it was a girl. Bella named her Renesmee. Then Bella died. Edward put as much venom into her as possible and pushed her heart into beating. It worked and Bella became a vampire. When Jacob went to see Renesmee, he imprinted on her, which means he fell in love with her at first sight in wolf terms. Book 3 Characterization The next few slides explain the characteristics of the main characters of book 3. These characters are Bella, Renesmee, and all the characters from book 1 + 2. Bella Bella is now a vampire. She is a shield. That is the power to block others from your mind and if it is well practised it can protect others too. Her power made her able to skip the year of uncontrollable thirst. She is now a mom and is very protective of her daughter. Being a vampire is what Bella was born for. Renesmee Renesmee is Bella and Edward's daughter. She is half vampire half human. Her power is the she can make people see her memories just by touching their face. She is very kind, smart, and understanding for a kid of her age. She has been imprinted on by Jacob so she is meant to be with him. She grows at an extremely fast rate. She is not a full vampire because she has a heart beat. Significant Rising Actions
Book 3 One rising action from book 3 is Bella's first hunt. When Bella and Edward go on her first hunt they catch the trail of a human. Bella is able to stop herself from killing them, something she shouldn't be able to do.
Another rising action is when Irina, a family friend, sees Renesmee from a distance and thinks she is a vampire child, something that was outlawed long ago. She goes and turns them in to the Volturi, the vampire royal family.
Also a rising action is when Alice and Jasper, Edward's brother and sister, leave. Alice can see the future. She sees that the Volturi are coming to kill all of them because of Renesmee. Then Alice and Jasper leave without any explanation.
The last rising action is when all the other vampires come to join the Cullens. Carlisle believes that the Volturi will stop and listen if they have enough witnesses. The rest of the family apart from Bella and Edward leave to gather vampires and send them back. They send back 17 vampires from around the world. Climax The climax for book 3 was when the Volturi arrived. They brought all of the guard and their wives and many of their own witnesses for the event. They stopped and listened. Their leader let Renesmee touch him. He saw the truth and called off the attack. One of the others however questioned whether it was safe to let her grow up or not. At that time Alice arrived with another half human half vampire like Renesmee who was already grown up. He had stopped aging when he was fully grown and still in control of the thirst. The Volturi left then because they had no more reason to be there lawfully. After that all the other vampires went home leaving the Cullens to continue into forever together. The End
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