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<By Kolbin Leiker>

No description

Kolbin Leiker

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of <By Kolbin Leiker>

Dynamite is something we have been using for some 10 years. It was made so that we could mine ores faster. Dynamite can not be used by the public, so don't try to get it.
Some thing could go wrong with dynamite at any time so we have to be very careful when we use it. It could get to hot and explode or it could get knocked and make the chemicals mix up and kaboom.
TnT vs. Dynamite
TnT is very different from dynamite. Dynamite has nitroglycerin in it but TnT does not. Dynamite has white powder TnT has yellow powder. There are many other differences too.
Alfred Nobel
By: Kolbin Leiker
Alfred Nobel is the inventor of
dynamite. He was also the person that made the Nobel Prize. During one of his tests is brother died.
Dynamite Explosians
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