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New York City: What You Should Know

No description

Amina Bejtic

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of New York City: What You Should Know

NEW YORK CITY What you should know
(also just cool stuff because New York is fun) This is the Empire State Building Remember when King Kong climbed it in 1930 something? People have used it in popular culture ever since. It used to be the world's tallest building (102 stories) but now it's not even the city's tallest building. But she's so sassy and proud she's called the Queen Bee That thing gets struck by lightning 100 times a year It's 1453'9" tall. If my math is correct, that's equal to the height of 245.7 Aminas standing on top of one another, or 277 Erins. Hey fun thing I just learned:
New York's state fruit is the apple. Probably why New York City is called the Big Apple! Clever. NYC is divided into "boroughs" because it's so huge.
We're only going to be visiting one of these boroughs: Manhattan. (no worries, it's the friendliest and least ghetto borough) This is a surprising fact but I hope it brings you some relief: Since 2005, New York City has the lowest crime rate of the 25 largest US cities. I'm sorry but New York might make you cough because well there's a lot of air pollution but hey everyone over there looks pretty happy so I think we'll be fine Warnings about New York Citizens We'll probably get a map that looks like this but I think this one is a lot more fun looking Where Google told me Friends lived Look Waverly Place (wizards live here) On average, 40,000 films/TV shows/commercials/music videos/etc are shot in NYC each year. New York City is big on pizza, it's kinda their signature thing: the first pizzeria opened in 1895 (some guy named Lombardi so if we see his restaurant, we best be going to get pizza) Hellmann's mayonnaise was founded in Queens in the early 1900s! Yay for mayonnaise! Manhattan was bought from the Algonquins for about $24. I don't know how anyone affords an apartment in Manhattan, apparently the average sale price for one is $1.49 million Population: 8 million In 2007, 46 million tourists visited, and altogether they spent $28 billion. That's $608.69 each. So. Get ready for that. There are a LOT of taxis!
Over 12,700 actually.
Point is, we'll see a lot of taxis. There are over 18,000 restaurants, and the average cost of dinner in New York is $39.43 "Although many legends exist about the origin of New York City's nickname, the Big Apple, most historians agree that it can be traced back to a writer who covered horse racing in the 1920s. In The Morning Telegraph, he wrote that stable hands often referred to New York as the Big Apple, meaning that any thoroughbred that raced in New York had reached the pinnacle of racing." (cough cough LAME) damn it. Wall Street is in Manhattan too. You know, Wall Street? (it was actually bought by the Dutch, not the Americans, but I thought this meme should be used in this presentation) HOTELS/RESTAURANTS The man who ended up making Chef Boyardee food was a chef at The Plaza Muppet creator Jim Henson and Sesame Street director Jon Stone regularly dined together at the now-defunct Oscar’s Tavern in midtown Manhattan. One day they were served by an extraordinarily rude, grouchy waiter. They were so amused by the experience that they decided to immortalize the gentlemen as a character on Sesame Street. They dubbed the puppet “Oscar the Grouch” The Manhattan zip code is 10021. (not as catchy as 90210) (named Wall Street by the Dutch because that's where the city limit was; there used to be an actual wall there) 25% of the world's gold is underneath Wall Street in the Federal Reserve Bank Toilet paper was invented here in 1857 (also Jell-O)! THERE IS NO 'MAIN STREET' IN MANHATTAN :O CENTRAL PARK it's pretty big it's kind of the only thing stopping the city from being totally polluted there are 215 bird species here (there are probably a lot of pigeons...do you get that feeling? that there are a lot of pigeons? I do.) BROADWAY (Amina's pretty excited for this one) Before it was called Broadway, that piece of Manhattan was an old Algonquin trading route called the Wiechquaekeck Trail (try pronouncing it, super fun). But now fun things are here! (and lots of homeless people so watch out for that) Finally…why is New York called The Big Apple? Well this has been debated by New York historians for decades. Here are two of the more popular stories behind the name. First, it was a term used by jazz musicians meaning to play the big time. Apparently there was a club in Harlem called the “Big Apple” and only the best musicians played there. The other story, which the city government has even recognized in tourism literature, states that a writer covering horse races in 1920 repeated in the ‘Morning Telegraph’ what stable hands in New Orleans referred to a trip to a NY racecourse as the “Big Apple”, or greatest reward for any thoroughbred. Either way both make for a good story and can put to rest that my city did not get its nickname from selling giant produce to locals. make up your mind New York City the average New Yorker travels 40 minutes to work each day. they can be kinda mean also they walk fast DON'T GET IN THEIR WAY (they are yellow because it was decided yellow was easiest for the eye to spot) Their state motto is Excelsior It weighs 450,000 POUNDS (so if you ever feel self-conscious about your weight, just remember you are not as heavy as the Empire State Building) The first American chess tournament was held in New York in 1843. THE SUBWAY it is old and dirty hobos use it also somehow normal people it's only ever closed ONCE (during Hurricane Irene 2011) there are 722 miles of subway track
(1161 km...which is a lot) FUN MOVIES THAT TOOK PLACE IN NYC TIMES SQUARE Now it's a place for rich snobby business people this happened here this happened here every other movie you can ever think of probably happened here sir excuse me sir your pants are quite high up sir (this was the slide that made me cry laughing) Vestie's Story Corner Now I shall tell you stories three about rude people in New York. The first story is when me and my friend were walking across a street to get to Rockefeller Centre, but the signal suddenly changed to don't walk and we had to step back or be run over by numerous taxis. As we step back, we run into this elderly looking gentleman holding a bicycle. He looked at us with unholy rage in his eyes and exclaimed "Eh whaddaya gonna do, run over da bike?". This is my best imitation of the assholeish grating sound that is the New York accent. The second story is when all of the music kids were walking to Battery Park. This guy was handing out flyers and Katie Dawson politely refused and his eyes filled with unholy rage and he exclaimed "Hey, fuck you!" and simply walked away. The final story occurred on the very same walk to Battery park, and some guy was filling in the spaces between the sidewalk with some sort of caulking, and he was shocked when people decided to walk on top of it on the SIDEWALK. He looked up at all of us with unholy rage in his eyes (this seems to be a common theme) and exclaimed "Eh, these fucking payple!" to no-one in particular. So moral of the story, New Yorkers are passive-aggressive fuckfaces. Have fun in New York! (which is what you say after every Dungeons & Dragons game also) What Tumblr Thinks of New York Tumblr freaking LOVES new york lots of creativity lives and thrives in this city, probably because post WWI&II a lot of artists did artsy art stuff here...with art. look at these things look how much tumblr loves it was going to put a picture of Step Up 2&3, found this instead Kramer Vs. Kramer (which you probably watched in Law class) NBC Studios and Rockefeller Center Our Hotel Bubba Gump's Shrimp About Rock of Ages CHINATOWN General Facts about Baseball in New York (didn't care much for this slide, didn't put effort into it) Battery Park South Street Seaport The United Nations, and Perhaps Memorial Park Other Small Things to Note the Garden State Plaza is the place we will be shopping at for about 5 hours. Weather QUICK FACTS (which are better than the ones given on our brochure pssh) (yahoo answers told me they are nice if you need to ask for directions) (I still don't ever want to approach them) has a 4.4/5 on tripadvisor.com to see the menu and prepare yourself for dinner here http://www.bubbagump.com/assets/menus/new-york.pdf Broadway is a street, just to clarify..but that street is chock-full of must-see entertainment, from 40th to 52nd street, with 40 theatres Actually it's the most well-known part of Broadway; people call it The Great White Way, because the big white electric signs light up at night The first 'great' NYC theater was built in 1798 A lot of the big exciting theaters are at Times Square My Dinner With Andre (notice how it's literally in a corner) Barney used it once for free and couldn't physically get off it This is The Plaza hotel I was too lazy to google why It's super-iconic has been on Broadway since 2009 light-hearted, comedic "breaks the fourth wall" a lot apparently all of its songs are classic rock songs it was nominated for 5 Tonys so I guess it'll be alright (remember, Abed and Jeff reenacted it?) Flatiron District is apparently important, here's all I know about it: THIS BUILDING IS COOL look at it, IT'S A GODDAMN TRIANGLE (not a real picture, but it's very colourful isn't it? A 'resident' bird lives here named Zelda. She is a wild turkey and has lived in Battery Park since 2003. She's named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, because according to legend Zelda Fitzgerald had one of her nervous breakdowns, she went missing and was found in Battery Park.

Anyway, a WILD TURKEY NAMED ZELDA lives in New York. Brooklyn Bridge (not sure if we'll see this) National Historical Landmark I get the feeling a lot of people try to commit suicide off this bridge it's the place where people go for New Year's Eve I personally see it as just THE most American thing I can think of...except for maybe, like, a mac and cheese burger "The Crossroads of the World" the world's most visited tourist attraction see, it used to look adorable 300,000 people pass through daily, 39 million tourists a year you might see some performers, like "The Naked Cowboy" (who btw has the best website) seriously open a new tab and visit his site right now you will not be disappointed http://www.westfield.com/gardenstateplaza/map It's in New Jersey (name comes from the movie Forrest Gump) (the movie where "life is like a box of chocolates") (the movie where Tom Hanks plays a guy who has more friends than a volleyball) over 1 million people visit it every year the website would not tell me anything else so I guess we're both uneducated on this reflecting pools, names of those lost in the 9/11 tragedy no funny business here, still too early for jokes here MAN AM I PUMPED FOR THIS PART MAN DID I PUT LITTLE EFFORT INTO THIS SLIDE BECAUSE IT'S 11:30 PM NBC Studios is at 30 Rockefeller Center. Thus the Tina Fey show, 30 Rock. They film Dr. Oz on the sixth floor Also Saturday Night Live is on the sixth floor (let's avoid the sixth floor) Everything else is just news and talk shows erin look erin it's new york erin yaay one of the oldest ethnic Chinese enclaves outside of Asia lot of green grocers and fish mongers street fairs are commonplace home to the highest number of immigrants in New York "dim sum" (which is a Chinese food) means "a little bit of heart" look at all that little bit of heart Lou Gherig's disease was named after a Yankees player.. (I don't care much for baseball we'll see what happens when we get there) Tripadvisor: "spring in New York is the best time to be in the city" "What to Wear: Bring an umbrella (always bring one - it's a walking city and you don't want to get caught in the rain). In May, a light spring jacket or a mid-weight sweater is probably the heaviest thing you'll need. Bring some shorts/skirts and hope for great weather." every day of weather on the forecast looks sunny/partly sunny Sunday: high 20 C
Monday: high 16 C
Tuesday: high 17 C
Wednesday: high 23 C
Thursday: high 26 C The worst part of this prezi is that I haven't even BEGUN to cover every wonderful little aspect about this city! there's the Chrysler building! and the Met! (make sure you go to the left..or was it the right?) the Grand Central Terminal! the Statue of Liberty! tallest building in the city (you probably know about her, the French gave her to us as a gift, she welcomed immigrants to the U.S., now she's in every East Side Mario's) Thus concludes the end of this prezi-ntation I hope you learned something I hope you laughed, cried, your spirit left your body and forgot what life was for a second from the utter amazingness of this month-long work, you came back into your body and you realized how weird this whole experience was for you I mean this was like 40 slides of Amina just googling stuff and typing it down for you, like really you could have done that for yourself but oh whatever she's a good friend for trying, you'll just message her on facebook and say 'thanks man i appreciated the effort it was funny' or something then you won't make her sad and you'll remain friends oh yeah let's have fun, shall we? (then again the sixth floor doesn't sound so bad)
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