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Thomas Green Case Study

No description

Prashant Saxena

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Thomas Green Case Study

Thomas Green:
Power,Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

Worst Nightmare !
Case Outline
Dynamic Displays
Organisational Politics

Presented by: Gamma 2
Prashant Saxena 13203328
Sorcha Ní Riain 13202224
Jiang Shan 13203473

provide self service kiosks
What Next?

Less than a year with Dynamic Display

promoted prematurely "out of turn"

Half age of his peers

No managerial experience

Division Vice-President

Promoted Green without consulting Davis

Not following Organizational Hierarchy

Types of Power
Legitimate Power
Reward Power
Coercive Power
Expert Power
Referent Power
Capacity of a person, team or organization to influence others.
Countervailing Power
Power is not a one-way street.

There must e some sort of dependency for power to exist.
-availability of alternatives
-interdependence b/w power holders and others
-Freedom to exercise judgement
-Those who control valued resources will yield power only when others are aware of these resources of power, in other words, when they are visible.
Thomas Green Just been promoted by Shannon McDonald

Davis is not satisfied

Green and Davis are at Stalemate

McDonald has asked for a personal account of Green's progress and a private meeting with him in light of email sent by Davis to McDonald

The Relationship.

The Power Struggle

Who is to Blame?

Can the situation be resolved?
1. Legitimate
2. Coercive
3. Reward
The Blame Game
Thomas Green
Frank Davis
Shannon McDonald
Case Study

17 year Veteran

Recently promoted from Green's present position

Was not happy with Green's unexpected promotion

Personal Gain
Informational Power
Doing something in accordance to Law, could be code of conduct of the organisation.
The main idea behind this concept is that someone is forced to do something that he/she does not desire to do
Organisations are motivated by rewards, giving a reward power to push organizations to excel.
Ability to influence other parties, based on expertise and knowledge
Influence over others, acquired from being well liked or respected by them.
Once you give your information away, you give your power away. For example, you share the secret, your power is gone
Does your expertise guarantee influence?

Sources of Power generate power only under certain conditions
Any behavior that intends to alter someone's attitude or behavior
1. Silent Authority
2. Assertiveness
2. Expert
Information Control

Upward Appeal
Inoculation Effect
Inoculation Effect
Motivation & Agenda
Promoting Green without Experience.

Did not Consult Davis.

Company Success- Key Motivation

Green to Learn from Davis


Push Davis Out
Motivations & Agenda
Has not given Green any positive reinforcement.

Did not get to handpick his own understudy

Company Success-Key Motivation
Has Davis tried to Teach Green


Is Davis threathened by Green
Motivation & Agenda
Constantly ignored direction given to him by superiors

Has a Machiavellian approach to his role

Status- Key Motivation
Is Green just trying to Impress


Does 'he know best'?
Organisational Politics
"Behaviour that others perceive as self-serving tactics for personal gain at the expense of other people and possibly the organisation"
Why was Organisational Politics allowed to grow?

Promotions protocol is unclear!
Personal Characteristics
Machiavellian Traits
The Winner is...........
The End Justifies the Means
Is the Situation Recoverable?
Steps to Saving Greens Career in Dynamic Displays'
Email Series Detailed Series of Events to McDonald

Arrange meeting with Davis
Suggest going on training course.
3 Months parole

Meet McDonald with Davis once details have been Finalised

Shannon McDonald
Travel Division
Frank Davis
Marketing Director
Thomas Green
Senior Market Specialist
Thomas Green
Frank Davis
Lets Avoid This
What do Gamma 2 think??

The Situation Recoverable!

Prashant Saxena 13203328
Jiang Shan 13203473
Sorcha Ní Riain 13202224
Group Presentation
Projects & Organisational Dynamics
BMGT 43730
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