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Copy of SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Regina Kay

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Treat for Tricks Support Groups Statistics: Prevention:

Tricks and Treats 1. What does "SIDS" stand for?
2. What is SIDS?
3. Does SIDS affect more males or females? Facts: -SIDS claims the lives of almost 2,500 infants in the US each year

-SIDS is not caused by suffocation, choking, or smothering.

-SIDS is most likely to occur between 2 and 4 months of age.

-Babies who sleep on their tummies have a 5 times greater risk of SIDS.

-Studies show that for infants who received any breast milk for any duration, the likelihood of SIDS was 60% lower.

-Babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy have a 3 times greater risk of SIDS. Briana Santiago
Jessica Wylie
Regina Popova
Taylor Wolf Babies at Higher Risk Contributing Factors: -Premature birth or low birth weight -Age of the mother
-Number of siblings
-Babies who experienced an apparent life threatening event
-cultural preference
-Being born a male vs female
-Ethnic backgrounds SIDS Deaths by Race and Ethnicity 1995-2008 -Parents need emotional support
-Parents may feel guilty
-Parents may face investigations by police
-National Foundation for SIDS can help with counseling
-Family counseling may be recommended 1. What ethnic group has the highest rate of SIDS?

2. Name one high risk factor associated with SIDS. Causes: -Low birth rate

-Respiratory infection

- Brain Abnormalities

-Sleeping on soft surfaces

-Sleeping with Parents

-Sleeping on stomach or side 1. Sleeping with parents reduces the risk of SIDS. T or F

2. Should babies sleep on their stomachs or backside? Treats for Tricks Prevention continued... -Always put a baby to sleep on its back

-Let babies sleep in the same room (not the same bed) as parents.

-Avoid soft bedding materials

-Try and breastfeed your baby

-Never give honey to a child under the age of one because it may cause infant botulism, which is associated with SIDS. SIDS awareness month is a moth dedicated to informing new parents about the danger of SIDS and ways to prevent it. Many hospitals are holding special events during the month of October to educate the public on SIDS and to make people aware. October is SIDS awareness month -Breastfeed the baby for first 6 months of life

-Use a firm mattress in the crib.

-Baby should sleep alone at night, even when there are multiple birth babies.
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