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Vivid Language

No description

Sanglin Lee

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Vivid Language

Grammar Workshop Vivid Language Verbs Vivid Language Nouns vs. Pronouns Make sure that you use specific nouns and vivid adjectives to paint a picture of your characters in your readers' minds. Use action-packed verbs and vivid adverbs Appropriate Words Passive Voice He yelled at me for being bad.
My 6' 3" father bellowed at me from the other room when he saw that I had four F's on my first college report card.

Jenna and Kerri went to the fair. She won a teddy bear.
Jenna and Kerri went to the Summer Solstice fair. Kerri won a small, tan teddy bear from from the ring-toss game. Examples I punched him in the stomach for making me mad.
I pretended to sock my brother in the gut for making fun of the way I swung my golf clubs. are more action-packed than infinitives We love to go fishing for trout.
We love fishing for trout.

She is going to run a marathon in the spring. She is running a marathon in the spring. Gerunds Pronoun-antecedent agreement –Everybody, anybody, anyone, each, neither, nobody, someone, a person, etc. are singular and take singular pronouns Remember! Avoid: Pretentious language:
-Subsequent to adopting the new system, managers averred that their staff worked synergistically in a way that exceeded parameters.
-After adopting the new system, managers claimed that their staff worked together better than expected. Jargon:
-The mini sternotomy at the lower end of the sternum resulted in satisfactory cosmesis.
-The small incision at the lower end of the breastbone preserved her appearance. Cliches:
-The company needs a recruiter who thinks outside the box. (unconventionally)
-Nita is a team player, so we hope she will be in our group. (collaborates well) Precise words:

Examples from The Norton Field Guide to Writing 3E David Sedaris's essay "Us and Them" is about (focuses on) his love/hate relationship with is family.
Some doctors believe that doing (solving) puzzles can delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid using forms of be or do. Some instances include when describing someone or something. He is a legend among Redskins fans. Balancing abstract and concrete words Pairing abstract ideas with concrete words. Her beauty is as breathtaking as a beach sunset.
Their love is as strong as a coursing river. 2 types: action verb and state of being verb (be and seem) I broke the table.
The table was broken. Journal Quiz What did you realize about vivid language after reading "An American Childhood?"

How will you apply this knowledge to strengthen your own personal narrative?

What was your favorite scene? How did it make you feel as you were reading it? Is there a story you can tell in your own personal narrative to make your readers feel this way? Class Objectives Discuss the importance of vivid language using Annie Dillard's "An American Childhood"

Learn how to utilize vivid language in your own writing

Practice writing vividly

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