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maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of AUBREY DUNHAM

The Crab Nebula is a exploded supernova in the constellation Taurus .
The Crab Nebula is expanding with a velocity of 1200 km a second or 745 miles a second .
the supernova it came from was noted in 1054 AD by Tycho Brahe . That was 400 years ago!
how do supernovae work?
Energy in a big star is thrown off by its nuclear furnace (core) that can no longer resist the inward pull of gravity . Smaller stars contract into white dwarf stars and slowly fade away. The larger stars contract and expand and blow up , making dust particles ,gases and chemicals fly out into outer space . Those particles create new planets and stars .A supernova may radiate more energy in a few days than the sun does in a 100 million years. Small stars however, collapse and get hot when they run out of nuclear fuel making a white dwarf star that will last for a while longer.

what are supernovae?
supernovae are the most violent events (in space).
They can be as bright as their home galaxy, sometimes even brighter.
the violent death of stars.
<=The Crab Nebula
the crab nebula :


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