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Angela Livernois

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Information is more readily available, thus companies need to account for that.
Ways in using technology to be more

Prevalence of Technology

Risks of technological advances and the impact it has on CSR

Technology and CSR
Companies use video conferences to reduce business-travel time and costs
: application of knowledge to obtain desired outcomes

Evolution of civilization Developments of

Characteristics of Technology
: constant change
- Challenges
: broad nature
- Examples
Self-Sustaining Nature
: Faster Developments
- Not new needs; simply old needs

The Nature of Technology
Despite the growing importance and popularity of the Internet, fraud has become a major issue for businesses and consumers.
Technology's Influence on Society
The Internet
Supercomputers are revolutionizing financial markets
Effects of Technology
Chapter 10
The relationships between businesses and consumers changed through e-commerce
Economic Growth and Employment
Technology's Influence on the Economy
Technology's Influence on the Economy
A key concern today with advancing technology is the digital divide that occurs when certain groups have limited acces to the latest technology
Economic Concerns About the Use of Technology
Current technology has made it possible to amass vast quantities of person information, often without consumers' knowledge.
Technology's Influence on Society
"Civilizations must harness and adapt to changes in
technology to maintain a desired quality of life."


Global Economy

Global Societies

Semantic Web

Angela Livernois Ely Sagansay Jr. Najee Shuman
Research and Development
- Access information in real time
- Decreased product times and costs
- Faster medical diagnoses

- Business-to-Business (B2B) E-commerce
- Fastest growing e-commerce
- Supply chain management

Science and Technology
- New jobs and opportunities
- Better health and longer lives
- Enrichment in our lives

World Wide Web

Opportunities for business to forge relationships

- credit card
- online auctions
- shill bidding
- dot cons (pg. 364-365)
Tracking consumers

Third parties



Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Health-Related Websites

CVS Caremark

Children's Privacy and
Protection of Interests
Technology's Influence on Society
International Initiative on Privacy (pg. 371-372)




- customer data files available upon request
- bars selling email addresses and using cookies without permission
- countries must meet protection laws for receiving Europeans' information
- permits individuals access to their own personal information, allowing for
- Platform for Privacy (P3P)
- Few privacy policies or disclosure statements
- Nail Murzakhanov
Technology's Influence on Society
Privacy Officers and Certification
Businesses are beginning to recognize that the only way to circumvent further government regulation with respect to privacy is to develop systems and policies to protect consumers' interests.
Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs)

Fair Information Practices
- Notice
- Choice
- Access
- Security
- Redress

Non Profit Organizations

1. Know

2. Listen

3. Mark


5. Prove it!

6. Prize!
Technology's Influence on Society
Intellectual Property:

- Software Piracy
- Electronic Documents Security
- Copyright Infringement
- Cybersquatters


the ideas and creative materials developed to solve problems, carry out applications, educate, and entertain other; the end product of the creative process
The debate over governance of the Internet is related to a number of significant issues, including intellectual property, privacy, security, and other top-level concerns of the public and government.
Technology's Influence on Society
Health and Biotechnology



Genetic Research:

the study of ethical issues in the fields of medical treatment and research, including medicine, nursing, law, philosophy, and theology, though today medical ethics is also recognized as a separate discipline

- medicine
- use less and cleaner energy
- law enforcement
- feed the hungry

- Positive
- Negative

- Gene patents
- Direct-to-Consumer Testing Kits
The government and the private sector often partner with academic researchers and nonprofit institutes to develop new technologies in health and biotechnology.
Technology's Influence on Society
Genetically Modified Foods
Using Technology To Be More Responsible
- Strategic sourcing and procurement
- Continuous Process Improvement
- Product Lifestyle Management
- Logistics Software
- Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reductions

Using Technology To Be More Responsible
Using Technology To Be More Responsible
Using Technology To Be More Responsible
Using Technology To Be More Responsible
Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Mattel and Nike

Apple and Foxconn

Companies now prefer suppliers
who practice CSR and sustainability

- Guidelines for suppliers that include
social and environmental
Nike stil struggles to ensure that its factories live up to its code of conduct and sometimes falls short- but its efforts and transparency helped improve its image.
Recently there has been a big push to conserve energy, which has become an integral part of the continuous process improvement activity.
When making a purchasing decision, there is value in comparing which materials and processes combine over the lifecycle of the product to create the least impact on the environment.
Electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon emissions, local air pollution and reliance on imported oil.
Logistics software has helped UPS save 3,000,000 gallons of gas and reduced C02 emmissions by 31,000 metric tons
Continuous Process Improvement
Companies can utilize technology to be more efficient

Recent Big Push
- Efficient use of materials
- Reduce Waste
- Lower Energy Usage
Product Lifestyle Management
Builds off continuous process

Monitor different stages of product lifecycle in effort to reduce consumption and waste

Further enables companies to
monitor suppliers
Logistics Software
Technology has advanced logistics software

Technology that adds value and
grows businesses with sustainability in mind

UPS and FedEx plan routes to reduce fuel consumption
Energy Savings and
Carbon Emission Reductions
Newer technology is more efficient and uses less energy

Newer technology also
reduces carbon emissions

Availability of technology that makes it easier to monitor energy consumption and carbon emission

Digital divide
- Rich vs. Poor
- Information Rich vs. Information Poor
- Abled vs. Disabled

Prevalence of Technology
Prevalence of Technology
Forces Companies to be More
Privacy concerns

Transparency through social media

Availability of information

Protecting consumers

Additional regulations when going
Organizations struggle how to address social media seeing it as a threat, rather than an opportunity.
Risks of Technological Advances
and CSR Impact
May take time for the negative
affects of technology to show

Going digital opens risk of
security compromises
- GMOs
- Biotechnology
- Asbestos

- Target
Target experienced a massive security breach compromising around 70 million customers' personal and financial information.
Strategic Implementation of Responsibility
For Technology
The Role of Government

The Role of Business
Support for continued technological advancements

Establish regulations
- Maximize utilitarian and minimize harm
^ Especially to competition, environment
human welfare

Reactive Concerns
- Relates to issues of stakeholder concerns
- Internet Management (EIM) solutions

Proactive Concerns
- Plan for utilizing resources for competition
- Policies, rules, and standards must be
integrated into its corporate culture
Businesses that aspire to be socially responsible must monitor the impact of technology and harness it for the good of all.
Strategic Implementation of Responsibility
For Technology
Strategic Technology Assessment
Chart strategic courses of action to respond
to new technologies

Helps organizations understand issues with
government regulations and develop
appropriate and responsible responses to

If/what changes are necessary

Should focus on positive aspects of technology

Strategic Technology Assessment:
A procedre that companies can use to foresee the effects new products and processes will have on their operation, on other business organizations, and on society in general.
Boss's Turn
Raises crop production

Reduces amount of pesticides
- Environment and health benefits


Ethical Issues
- Monsanto
Genetically modified crops are created when scientists introduce a gene from one organism to another.
Technology's Influence on Society
Social Media
Is your digital identity professional?
Employers search the web to screen applicants
- 86% say they will use positive
messages to your advantage

Digital identity vs. Personal Identity
- People get to know you online
before in person

Once it's in the Internet, almost impossible
to erase


Location Disclosures

The Nature of Technology

Technology's Influence on the Economy

Technology's Influence on Society

Technology and CSR

Strategic Implementation of Responsibility for Technology
- irresponsible supplier behavior
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