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Committing to Quitting

Health, Period 8 - My presentation about quitting smoking.

Kendall Meenan

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Committing to Quitting

Physical and Mental Addiction When a person attempts to quit smoking, they have to deal with both the physical and mental aspects of addiction.
It is extremely difficult for some to break the physical and emotional ties to smoking while coping with the physical symptoms of withdrawal, Allen Carr's Advice Information about Quitting Smoking Cigarettes Committing to Quitting Dealing With the Mental
Aspect There are many types of mental support for smokers, like telephone lines, stop smoking programs, and simply the emotional support of family and friends can help.
To talk to someone on the phone about quitting in CT, call : (866) 363-4224 (866-END-HABIT)
Talk to your doctor or a therapist about your journey, don't try to do it alone.
In the end, the only way a person can quit is if they want to. Drug Treatments There are many different types of drug treatments that can help someone quit smoking, and will help with withdrawal symptoms.
Nicotine patches release nicotine into the body through the skin and will reduce nicotine cravings.
Nicotine gum filters nicotine into the body through tissues in the mouth and helps curve cravings for smokeless tobacco.
Nicotine lozenges are tablets that dissolve in the mouth and the dose of nicotine enters the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.
All of these products will slowly but surely wean you off of cigarettes. After six months of using any of these treatments there is at least a 20% quit rate among smokers. By: Kendall Meenan Withdrawal Symptoms There are many physical symptoms that come from quitting smoking
For example:
chest Tightness
Sore throat
Weight Gain
Trouble concentrating
Slower Heart Rate
Nasal Drip These are Allen Carr's tips for quitting smoking. Just like the methods in this presentation, these solutions might not work for everyone.
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