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amjosh gibsper

on 21 May 2009

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Transcript of Gigantism

What is Gigantism?

Gigantism is the excessive growth of height
and of specific body parts

Tumor on the Pituitary gland
Increase in growth hormones

Proportion,Probability, Discovery and Screening Rare
100 reported cases
3-4 cases /million people
Who-a team of doctors in China
CAT scan (photographs at every angle of the brain)

Symptoms What is Gigantism?
Tall structure
Mild obesity
Growth of hands and feet
Coarse facial features
Drop in voice
Loss of muscle
Pain in limbs
Frequent headache
Prevention, Treatments, Cure, Reasearch No prevention
Medical attention/medications
Surgery removing tumor
First sign of possible existance/immediate reaction Long Term Osteoporosis
Heart failure
Weak support for body
Easily broken bones
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