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7.03 Minority Rights

United States History V12 (3739)

Prezi Teacher

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of 7.03 Minority Rights

7.03 Minority Rights

Betty Friedan
Part 1 – Complete the following chart using information from the lesson. One example appears for you.

Part 2 – Answer the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words.
Part 2
Answer the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words.

What advances did the Women's Rights Movement make in the 1960s and 1970s? How was the movement similar to those of the Mexican Americans and Native Americans?
Idea 2
The Women’s Rights Movement provided more freedom and constitutional rights for all of the women. The women mainly get the exact amount of payment as the men got the right to annulments, and other things. They fought for what they believed in. The Women’s Rights Movement was very analogous to movements of Native and Mexican Americans because both of them were also fighting for what they actually supposed in and ultimately got what they required.
Native Americans
Background Music
Through My Own Eyes
The theme song of
Liberty's Kids
Hispanic Americans
To comprehend as to why there were so many women that are her age were dissatisfactory despite material comfort and family
The media was quite conventional and did not realty recognize that the women back in the 1950s had any reason to be calamitous unless they had determinations that lay outside of the household
She actually asked many wives and mothers that were young and inscribed
The Feminine Mystique
, which actually aided the main consideration and kindness to the subject of both women’s rights and women's deficiency of occasion
To have equivalency
rights just like the men
The men basically thought that women should stay at home and take care of their families as housewives and maids
Just like American writer, activist, and feminist, Betty Friedan, the women decided to boycott and take this problematic issue straight to court
All of their land back
The men maintained to get their acreage and even retailing it for coinage. This actually left the Native Americans to not have any food supply or a shelter
They decided to create the National Congress of American Indians (www.ncai.com)
The exact same privileges and opportunities as the Americans
They basically needed protection from the constabularies, which can be like the police, better schools, and good jobs
Cesar Chaves created the UFW, which is short for the United Farm Workers in 1962, which is actually still running as of this day
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
By: "Lew" Sterling Jr.
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