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How To Improve Your Basket-ball Skills

No description

Fatema Ibrahim

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of How To Improve Your Basket-ball Skills

Improving Your Basket-ball Skills
Ball Handling
Ball slaps
Body circles
Figure-eights between the legs
Double leg-single leg
The spider
Why Is It Important To Improve ALL Of Your Basketball Skills?
Dribble figure-eights
Get there
Crab walk

Make sure your head is lower than the head of the man you're guarding.

Have your weight back.

Stay close to your man.
Face the basket and place feet shoulder width apart .
Position the ball in your shot pocket.
Grip the ball correctly.
Taking the shot
Push the ball upward with your shooting hand.
Straighten your knees and jump.
Release the ball.
B.E.E.F: Balance, elbow under the ball, eyes on target and follow through.
Chest pass
Bounce pass
Passing Tips:
Pass with two hands
Step into your pass
Always follow through
End with your thumbs pointing down
Make the pass easy to catch
Pass away from the defender
Dribble the ball toward the basket with the hand of the side you're on.
Take 2 giant steps.
About six feet from the net, stop dribbling jump off the foot closest to the basket
Throw the ball at the backboard top corner
The position that you play, doesn't determine what you do (e.x, shooting, layups, handles etc.)
Reaching in, is not a foul.
Its not "kick ball" if its not intentional.
A dribble that bounces above the dribblers head is an illegal dribble violation.





Personal goal
Basketball tryouts
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