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Gary Snyder-English 11

No description

Ben Merkley

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gary Snyder-English 11

Gary Snyder
Born: May 8, 1930 German, Scots-Irish & English Ancestry Born into Great Depression
-Had an orchard, hens, & cows Age 7-Loved Books
"I really learned to read and from that
time on was voracious — I figure that
accident changed my life. At the end
of four months, I had read more than
most kids do by the time they're
eighteen. And I didn't stop." Born into the
Great Depression:
Washington-2 yrs. old
-Tended cow & chickens
Oregon-12 yrs. old
-mom-newspaper reporter
-Gary-paper copy boy Lincoln High School
-Camp Counselor
-Mountain Climbing Reed College-
Cooks & Stewards Union 1950-married Alice Gass
7 months-separated
1953-divorced 1951-graduated
with dual degree:
anthropology &
Literature Worked as a
Timber Scaler
-Warm Springs Indiana University
-Left after 1st semester
2 Summers-
North Cascades
-Crater Mountain &
Sourdough Mountain
-Fire Lookout
-Tried again in 1953-
chokersetter San Fransisco
-Zen Buddhism
-1953-University of California, Berkeley
-Asian culture & languages
-studied ink and wash painting-Chiura Obata -studied Tang Dynasty poetry under Ch'en
Shih-hsiang. Summer-Forest
Trail builder-Yosemite
1955-1956 - cabin("Marin-an") -Student - American
Academy of Asian
-painting=meditation First Zen Institute of America
-1 yr. overseas
Shokuku-ji - Kyoto, Japan
Zen Abbot Miura Isshu(english tutor)
Daily Schedule:
-Sutra chanting
-Chores for Miura
-Japanese classes
-Improved enough
for koan study
-1955-refuge=Official Buddhist 1958-Marin-an(cabin)
-June-Joanne Kyger
back to Japan
First foreign Disciple
of Oda Sesso Roshi
-recieved Zen precepts
& name - Chofu
"Listen to the Wind"
1960s - Zen practice-
Shugendo(animism) India
-He and Joanne
-divorced ib 1965 Famous Works:
1960-Myths & Texts
1965-Six Sections from Mountains and Rivers Without End
1967-The Back Country
1969-Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems
-Regarding Wave
-Earth House Hold
1974-Turtle Island
1975-The Politics of Ethnopoetics
1977-The Old Ways
1979-He Who Hunted Birds in His Father's Village: The Dimensions of a Haida Myth
1980-The Real Work
1983-Axe Handles
-Passage Through India
1988-Left Out in the Rain
1990-The Practice of the Wild
1992-No Nature: New and Selected Poems
1995-A Place in Space
1996-Mountains and Rivers Without End
2005-Danger on Peaks
2007-Back on the Fire: Essays (2007) 1967-August 6
-married Masa Uehara
April-Kai - baby boy
-marriage - 22 yrs.
-divorced - 1989 THE END
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