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Giving Directions


Luke Baumgartner

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Giving Directions

Fun Cartoons Spiderman Sponge Bob Square Pants Bart Simpson Hello Kitty Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Spiderman Giving Directions ACROSS from YOUR on the CORNER of go DOWN 4th Ave. EXIT number four not that FAR in FRONT HOW turn LEFT LOOKING LOST "you can't MISS it" QUESTION NEXT to get OFF at ON TAKE the bus get TO the TRANSFER to the WAY to get there WHERE it is Examples of how to use the words: THE END Giving Directions A: Do you know where I can _____________?
B: Sure. You could go to _______________.
A: Where's that?
B: _____________________________________.
A: Thanks.
B: No problem. A: Do you know where I can <get a cup of coffee>?
B: Sure. You could go to <the Starry Cafe>.
A: Where's that?
B: <It's on 2nd Avenue across from the pharmacy>.
A: Thanks.
B: No problem. --EXAMPLE-> get some hiking boots
get some cat food
buy some milk
work out
buy some pants
grab a hamburger

get some aspirin
see a movie
buy a book
mail a letter
buy some CDs
get a bite to eat Next to Between ___ and ____ Across from On the Corner of ___ and ___ Key words for today: on the < # > floor It's on 2nd Avenue next to the bank. Tom and Jerry Superman Winnie the Pooh
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