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Effects of steam engine

How the steam engine affected society

Ahmed Guster

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Effects of steam engine

effects on society Steam engine History of Steam engines The first steam was patented in 1698, the first version of it was used by miners to pump water out mines. It wasn't evolved for use in trains and ships until the 1800's When the steam engine was incorporated into
trains and ships, people were able to get around
faster than ever and transport material at a faster
rate also. Effects on jobs Factories were now able to be built anywhere
instead of just near natural resources, people now
preferred to work inside of factories rather than on farms, this created more jobs and since there were
factories in cities, people didn't have to travel for their jobs. Effects on Economy Farmers could send their products to far places without they spoiling, this lead for more profit for farmers, they started to grow food for profit now instead of just to survive. Factories started to grow very rapidly around the world and that created more jobs and stimulated the economy. Effects on transportation Thesis statement The steam engine had a very positive effect
on society, it changed the way that people
got around. Conclusion In conclusion, the steam engine affected
transportation, jobs, and the economy,
making it a very positive invention Pros Cons People got around
faster than ever,
factories could be built
anywhere, the economy
was improved. The coal burned to
power the engine
caused pollution, but
people didn't realize that hundreds of years
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