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Transportation By:Joshua Adams

Explore the magnifacint world of transportation

Karen Simmons

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Transportation By:Joshua Adams

Water Transportation -Water transportation consist of
boats and submarines Land transportation -Land transportation was the first form of transportation. it consisted of cars,trains,and monorails
-monorails were used to transport people in around a big area but not made to go far Air Transportation -It's faster than land transportation
-It consists of planes,helicopters,and hot air balloons
-Air transportation is much faster than land transportation My favorite form of transportation is
land transportation because we use it every day. By:Joshua Transportation -Trains can travel as far as across the country The first car assembly line was created by Henry Ford. Submarines are used to travel deep underwater like observation and investigate.
-boats are used to transport
goods or cargo. I hope you liked my prezi !!!
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