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Individual Sports

No description

Ally Hainlin

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Individual Sports

Some people think that athletes who don't compete with a team don't have teamwork.

Even though you compete on your own, your team can still help support you and cheer you on. Also, most of the time each individual player earns points that add up to help the team.
People who compete in an individual sport have to work hard on their own to help out their whole team.
Gymnastics pictures taken by Ally Hainlin
Nordic pictures taken by Mark Nachbor (team picture) and Doug Hubred
Cross country pictures taken by Doug Hubred
In an individual sport, you must be prepared to compete or perform on your own, without help from anyone. Anyone can play an individual sport.
Sometimes, you belong to a team, like gymnastics or skiing, where everyone competes on their own to help the whole team.
Individual Sports

Culture is the beliefs and customs shared between a group of individuals.

Individual sports are a culture because of the similar actions and mindsets each person has to have in order to play a sport individually.
Julianne and Ally created this presentation
Common things
Individual sports are similar to other team sports. In each, there's some sort of athletic event being performed. There's also a team atmosphere, your teammates can become your best friends. Lastly, both individual sports and team sports have coaches who help you out so you can succeed.
Person to self conflict:
You have endurance, and there isn't always a coach or team to cheer you on so you have to be your own motivation
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