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Thesis Presentation

Briefly explanation about integration House of Quality and Lean Manufacturing philosophy, to eliminate waste efficiently and effectively by distribute SOP into right departments in manufacturing industries

Arief Rahmawan

on 22 July 2018

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Transcript of Thesis Presentation

Applying Quality Function Deployment Techniques in Project Selection and Assignment in Lean Production
Literature Review
Arief Rahmawan

Thesis defense Committee :
Dr. Chee-Cheng Chen
Sugiono, PhD.
Dr. Wen-Ying Cheng

Business Administration Department
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

customer need
waste elimination
Since WW II manufacturing enforce their capabilities to improve their product
Japan started from TPS, and QFD from external perception
Wastes are indicates as non added value

Shah and Ward (2003)
TQM, TPM, JIT, HRM are influence lean implementation
Andersson et al (2006)
TQM, lean, Six sigma have similiarities and differences
Rawabdeh (2005)
overproduction and defect were the most significant effect on 7 types of waste
Pepper and Spedding (2010)
Right strategies in manufacturing is need to be adopted, to adopt lean Six sigma
Akao and Mazur (2003)
QFD is a tool for QA system in over the world
Govers (1996)
QFD required disciplines to work and plan
the development efforts, communicative and effective manner
Chan and Wu (2002)
QFD is a tool for product development,to be effective in many organizations
Shah and Ward (2007)
in 1927 was the beginning of Lean manufacturing evolution
QA Dept.
production Dept.
Pareto diagram of waste level
Framework of research
Flowchart of research
House of Quality #1
Ishikawa Diagram
Pareto Diagram
Analysis and Result
House of Quality #2
research question
Karlsson and Åhlström (1996)
Waste elimination and continuous improvement are the most fundamental principle of lean production
Sugimori et al (1977)
"TPS and Kanban system were founded to eliminate non added value
Krafcik (1988)
Conducive lean management policy has effect on plant operating performance to improve productivity and quality performance
QFD phase model
(Govers, 1996)
Generic Structure of Lean manufacturing

are developed to eliminate waste
Rawabdeh, (2005)
By integrating QFD and Lean :
SOP can be assigned into right department
Appropriate SOP into right department can reduce cost production
Major waste could be change and hopefully reduce significantly
House of Quality #3
Linkage QFD phases and Lean manufacturing
Research Motivation
Company cannot eliminate waste efficiently
Waste cannot be detected where were the real resources
Cost production always increase
Thank You
Neipu, July 5th 2013
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