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Ultimate Frisbee

Presentation to inform about the history, mechanics, and how to get involved in Ultimate Frisbee.

Colby Boyd

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Ultimate Frisbee

Mechanics Ultimate Frisbee
Started as Frisbee football. Basically football with a Frisbee.
The first game was in 1967 and consisted of 20-30 people per team, had downs, and you could run with the disc.
Over the years the game drifted away from the football aspect. History Continued By: Colby Boyd Get out there and play. It may surprise you. Conclusion Frisbees
The idea started with college kids throwing pie tins from the Frisbie Pie company.
WWII took that idea and integrated it with the UFO scare to make the Pluto Platter.
The pluto platter was then turned into the Frisbee when teamed with Wham-O. History of Ultimate Frisbee Objective- score the frisbee disc into the other end zone while in you possession.
Rules- possession is started with a pull or kick off and switches with every missed catch, out-of-bounds touch, and interception.
While holding the disc, you cant progress down the field, only pivot.
Extra rules: no double teaming, offensive contact, roughhousing etc. Mechanics Continued Photo by bareknucks.com Photo by nicebristols.com
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