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Brighter Days Academy

My future school

Jen Buckland

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Brighter Days Academy

Brighter Days Academy
Parent/Community Involvement
Parent Teacher Organization
Parent Ambassadors
Partnership with Community Board
Recreation Center (classes & discounts)
Coaching, Club Leaders & Mentoring

Holiday Help, food drive
Free backpacks & Uniforms
Counseling & Therapy

Participation in classrooms
Attend at least two conferences per year
Home visit or community meeting
Read with students
Attend at least 2 Engagement Nights
Ensure scholars get to school consistently and on time.
Uniform Policy

Curriculum & Instruction
Brighter Day Academy uses curriculum that is research based and proven to meet Common Core State Standards in each content area. Teachers receive direct training in each curriculum to get a deeper understanding of materials and scope/sequence.

Specialized instruction is provided to differentiate individual scholar needs. Every Scholar receives an additional hour of differentiated small group literacy and/or math instruction that is based on assessment data.

BDA has high expectations for all. Scholars and Staff are held accountable for rigorous learning. Staff participate in professional development units to improve their instructional practices and methods to drive the level of critical thinking skills necessary for 21st Century Learning.

Brighter Days Academy
BDA Scholars
Student Culture
Clear Behavior rules and expectations directly taught and reinforced.

School Wide Peace for Kids every morning in classrooms or paired events.

Restorative Approaches to address student behavior and conflict.

Positive Behavior Supports for showing positive character traits.

Assemblies for achievement, attendance, and character traits.
Staff Culture
Distributive Leadership Model

Staff led committees

Scheduled opportunities for fun

Professional Development in differentiated areas

Teacher Leaders

Shared vision: All Scholars. All the time.


Bi monthly informal 1:1 (Observation/feedback)
BDA Staff
Stakeholders Roles and Responsibilities
Mission: Brighter Days Academy focuses on the whole child. We strive to give scholars academic and social/emotional skills to prepare them for post secondary readiness.

Brighter Days Academy is located in North East Denver and is known for its diversity and high expectations. Students are referred to as scholars to support their journey to secondary education through higher level critical thinking skills. BDA is an innovation school with an extended school day and year to provide continuous learning opportunities for scholars. The extra time is devoted to daily character development and extended small group instruction time.

1234 E Jess St. Denver CO, 80239
We offer a diverse staff with various levels of experience and specialty areas. Teachers are designated highly qualified by the CDE standards and undergo continuous training to become masters in their craft. BDA teachers reflect the demographics of our student population and engage in culturally responsive practices.

BDA has a number of staff members that contribute to the learning organization in addition to classroom teachers. We are proud to offer a full range of Specials classes which include: Dance, Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, and Library. In order to differentiate for every scholar's needs we also have literacy, math and behavioral interventionists and fellows to support them. Our resource teams works closely with scholars, families, and staff to support students with IEPs.

We partner with the University of Denver and other local universities to offer experiences for education students to grow within our school community,

All Scholars. All the time.
Brighter Days Offers:
Before and After school care
Breakfast in the classroom
Homework club
Art Club
Girls on the Run
Bussing to BDA at 7:45 & from BDA at 4:00.
Brighter Days Logistics:
School Hours:
Uniforms are worn by scholars every day except Fridays and spirit days.

BDA School and District Leaders
The student body at Brighter Days Academy is made up of neighborhood scholars and scholars who's families choice them in from surrounding communities.

BDA enrollment stays steady at 600 scholars and we have 4 classrooms at each grade level ECE through 5th grade. Each grade level has one classroom that is designated for Native Spanish speakers if parents should choose to have their students taught in Spanish. Scholars who's native language is other than Spanish can receive specialized instruction from the ESL Teacher.

Staff at BDA put scholars' needs first. We have many opportunities for them to participate in activities that create positive character development, 21st century learning skills, and opportunities for grade level and school-wide leadership.

Parent Compact/Agreement:
Opportunities to get involved
Family Resources:
Grades: ECE 3 & ECE 4 all day
Kindergarten - 5th
Students: 8:00-3:45
Teachers: 7:30-4:15
Brighter Days Academy is within the Denver Public Schools District and belongs to the Fresh Start Innovation Network. Being an innovation school allows us to make different choices that are specific to our student population, meeting the Common Core State Standards, and closing the achievement gap. Belonging to the FSIN Network allows us to collaborate with other innovation schools that share similar pedagogy, systems and student demographics.

The Brighter Days Leadership Team is devoted to meeting the needs of all scholars. We value interpersonal relationships with every family and can't thank them enough for supporting their scholar's hard work and dedication.

Jen Buckland, Principal
Jon Jake, Assistant Principal
James Jim, Dean of Students
Jasmine Juarez, Family Liaison

Staffing Practices
Brighter Days Academy believes in the Denver Plan and aligns directly with the DPS Core Values.

BDA will follow District policies and procedures with the exception of specific waivers around curriculum, hiring practices, student contact time and teacher dismissal practices.

A combination of district funds and private grants are used to enhance learning by extending student contact hours and providing technology in each classroom.

At registration, Parents meet with teachers and school leaders to review and agree to the Parent/Student Compact.

BDA is committed to doing whatever it takes to build positive relationships with families, students, and district partners.

School staff, family and community members participate in Educational Forums 3 times per year to discuss shared vision and action plan.

Community outreach and partnerships ensure involvement for the success of all scholars and their families.

Brighter Days Academy takes pride in our teachers' expertise. The interview process is rigorous to ensure quality instruction, professionalism and collaboration amongst the staff.

Following a district level screening and resume review, applicants are chosen by the interview panel to participate in an interview event. At the interview event, applicants undergo: a fishbowl exercise about data and standards, a 1:1 interview, a video lesson review, and creating a lesson plan. Finalists are asked to guest teach in one of BDA's classrooms.

The BDA leadership team uses the district evaluation tool to evaluate instruction and room environment

Teacher dismissal is treated very seriously at BDA. The school leaders value teacher's dedication to our scholars. We are accountable for the growth and efficiency of our teachers. If a staff member is not meeting teaching expectations they will be put on a plan to improve in 1 or 2 specific areas. Teachers who fail to make growth will be discontinued.

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